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What if I told you this thread was a lie?

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Me Nan's a Cornetto

>luv nandos
>luv red stripe (get it down ya)
>luv muh niggas

>ate wypipo
not racist jus dont like em

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you will be a minority in your country

je suis negro

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Looking on Rightmove is depressing as fuck. Rental market is absolutely fucked. Gonna be stuck in this house that is falling to bits for a lot longer by the look of things.

Fuck me is anyone else sick of this dead woman stuff yet.
Plant the old cunt ffs.

Its the turk!

>your country
never was

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Only a few days to go now.

Anybody following this Martha's Vineyard stuff in the states?

It's absolutely based.

Posh wank I reckon

Pretty funny seeing that lot eat themselves lmfao

Fuck me, that's pathetic.

Its incredibly based from desantis.
I hope they continue to send them a plane of illegals every single day
We should do the same here with channel migrants - sent them all to Gary Linekers neighbourhood

Reminder that this was a sign from the divine.

>Comets are stars with flames like hair. They are born suddenly, portending a change of royal power or plague or wars or winds or heat
--St. Bede the Venerable

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mass hysteria last seen when banging pans for rNHS and people being attacked for not wearing a mask in Tesco. we are cattle. get the right leader and we can create a world empire. get the wrong leader and we are arrested for posting a meme. its all about the leaders. choose wisely

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Yeah. All it took was 50 smelly brown people showing up at their front door and the national guard was deployed.
>I love immigrants but we can't cope with so many. There's a housing crisis here you know.

I'll feed, clothe and house them. I'm currently renovating the bathroom though so I can't at the moment but maybe next month

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When she died, Around 2:30 The rain came down in a tropical fashion in the north east. Trains were cancelled as a result of instant flooding. It only lasted around an hour but the flood was massive.

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DeSantis is really setting himself up well to be the Republican candidate for 2024. If Trump doesn't run/isn't allowed to run he'll get it imo.

Choose no leader, they all are cunts really.

Teeside #1. Up the boro

its lonely at the top

Watching Charles work the rope line makes my butthole pucker. I understand it but there's no way to know who is in the crowd and what their intentions are.

need to do the same here. send them round to were all the footballers live in Cheshire or where the MPs live

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The irish are getting fucked off with all the wogs now.

My hatred for the Irish is stronger than for any other group of "people." They destroyed New England and New York.

there will always be leaders that is the point it's our nature to follow

Just looked up a girl i used to shag at uni and I think she's a lezzer now wtf lmao

comets don't just appear out of nowhere for the occasion, though: they're periodic and predictable