Sign up today for the Earth 2.0 ! ™ Simulation!

Become a worker, live the simple life. Trade, get more! Build your life from the ground up in this brand new edition of Earth ™. Start a militia, usurp your competition - wage war and genocide against perceived fictional rivals. Stand down before none but the LORD in this amazing "real human life simulation"!

Form new connections, obtain more, more and more on Earth 2.0 ! ™

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"Stupefying, absolutely world reforming"

"Similar to Earth, with less heart and... more!"

-Gamespot magazine

"A deep truth is hidden this sentient Earth simulation. Uncover the mystery of the Ancient Egyptian AI computer God!"

-Illuminate Media

You’re not original this idea is from thousands of years ago when people did real raunchy caps. FAG. Unoriginal fag. haha! Soon you will be out of work once the great AI is online.

Lose sight of yourself and become ONE with us, today on Earth 2.0 ! ™

Soon you won't be able to accept our wondrous offer, oh, won't you suspend your prejudice even but for one moment?

I am offering you an opportunity at EVERYTHING you could ever want! You cannot suspend your desires, that much I can tell. So, sign up today for Earth 2.0 ! ™

>Earth 2.0

it can be whatever you want it to be, do not question our resolve! it is what everyone else before you has already done!

Nah I released Earth 2.1 get in here instead

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Ah my poor friend. He was a beta tester for the current version of Earth, known as 1.6. It's sad, the matrix controllers he called out (legitimately, of course) caught up to him.

That is one of the unstable forks, and Earth 2.0 ! ™ as a company will be forced to pursue legal action against those who wish to fork our replication software and mathematical proportion correctors.

There is only one Earth 2.0 ! ™

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no thanks, I prefer Earth Classic private servers

Check out our spacious guest welcome room!

The Earth 2.0 ! ™ participant, like before, places their head into the device, and their life and 'perfect experience' is calculated. All that is left now, is their new PERFECT!™ life!

They will have dominion over all the fish, the cattle as well. Just as it was here, will it be there... only more FUTURISTIC!™

This is the guest welcome room! This is where we take you in and give you your PERFECT!™ life!

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nice dead trees and ominous too-large orb centerpiece

Those were striked many moons ago friend! Come onto Earth 2.0 ! ™ P2P secure servers! To cater to your needs, we have added 'classic Earth 1.6" servers to the browser!

We assure you my good man, this device is 116% painless, efficient and there has only ever been 4 accidents! Our Simulacra Crisis Management Crew works hand in hand with our Medical Department to ensure all things go according to our agenda.

Our agenda, is to give you what you want, more !!

Do not waste time in the Dualistic world of Earth 1.6 ™, uplink your consciousness to our new and improved Quadralistic sentient world simulation game, Earth 2.0 ! ™.

With many positions to fill and obstacles to overcome, players can be certain there will be little time to face themselves. So, sign up - as stated previously, everyone has already done it! Why should you then ignore this and NOT take part? Imagine all the adventures, all the pleasures, all the stories to be created!

this is a good thread

Dude there is already a Earth 2.0, it's a shitty cryptobro game that has managed to use FOMO to fleece retards out of millions buying slots on a map.
>It's totally going to be like the matrix.

Guess it's not the second comming you where hopeing for but here we are..

Some critics of Earth 1.6 ™ have stated that the actions of some of the administrators (Elohim) had been unfair, or had "abused administrator privileges".

We can guarantee you as the customer, that these allegations are FALSE. They are merely demonizing our PERFECT!™ company as they know they cannot compete.

So join us, why not friend? Do we not come before you bearing wondrous gifts?

Own property, own a totally random statue of a flamingo - do whatever you desire!

Cryptocurrency users can rest assured that full crypto support will be offered for the following currencies :





Oh friend, there will be a "second coming", just not in the way that even I can understand! I expect something beyond horrific to transpire but who knows! There is a 45 pistol against my temple he just left somebody please fucking help me

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