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>A M
>S I L L Y

Am I the only one worried about this? What if Putin just says, fuck it I'm using it.

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He's going to get deposed by the people around him.

have you seen the state of the russian military?
the nukes probably go off at the launch

>A fraction of Russia's army is fighting against fully mobilised Ukraine with a so far equal results
>Putin is losing
Why are leftist cartoonists so retarded?

>abhorrent post
>German flag
Imagine my shock. Russia has around 6K nukes. Even if their military was as complete shit as you claim it to be and only 1% of the nukes would function correctly, that would still be 60 nukes detonated at your local strategic area. In other words, enough to cause a nuclear warfare. But I don't think it will come to this from any nuclear power in near future.

I don't get it

Oh no NO NO NO!

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Who will be the next (((goy)))?

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i will put his portrait between Christ and the Holy Mary, if he nukes Londonistan

They don't live in reality.
The left in general do not live in reality, the left in the US cant understand why californias having blackouts and cant figure out why the EU doesn't just "make" its own fuel.

They're sub 100 iq npcs.

Because Russia is supposed to be one of the major players in the world. Their progress in Ukraine has been so bad that even US intelligence and policy makers were shocked by what a paper tiger the Russian federation is. Unless Ukraine is a 4d psyop ment to make the world think Russia is a joke, than the lame op pic is on point.

>A fraction of Russia's army is fighting
The fighting are a fraction of what russia can muster on paper, it is all they can muster in practice. If you think Russia would be tying its own hands to “own the libs”, you are retarded. This is it, m8. Unless they want to conscript people, give them a rifle and a single magazine and order them to march on foot for Kiev, then no.

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Then he loses. Any fall out on the west is instant war.

I hate these pics and I despise those who share them. The only thing being owned here is the human soul, celebrating the catastrophes of war and the suffering that follows it is abhorrent. A necessary evil should never be celebrated.

don't care, not my problem
>oh noo we're all going to die

ok moral fag

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I have the feeling, that he already knows, that if a tactical nuke explodes in Ukraine, a tactical nuke is proliferated to Ukraine an will explode in Russia.


What does the N on his arm stand for?

Come on, his ass is on fire, it's hilarious.

>necessary evil
what are you talking about?
What is necessary evil?

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Neighbors. Because he fucking hates neighbors.

What is this lmao? When a country goes to war, it never sends all of their soldiers to the nearest trench and just hope to win by having more soldiers than the enemy. That is only the case when the enemies are already deep inside a border and are everyone capable of holding the gun is needed otherwise the country will at no doubt be defeated less a miracle happens. This is the case of Ukraine, and even they don't send all of the soldiers at the Donbass line. Even during WW2 when Germans were closing in on Moscow, USSR kept a large army at the Okhotsk sea in case Japan would launch a land invasion from Siberia and pincer the USSR from both sides together with Germans. Soviet spies uncovered this wouldn't happen and Stalin moved the army to replenish forces against Germany, which was one of major reasons the USSR suddenly did 180 and marched from Stalingrad to Berlin.
Well then US intelligence is not very smart when they didn't realise the war has been already going on for 8 years without any side closing in on a victory.