What a relief, looks like you racIst schizophrenic assholes were wrong AGAIN

What a relief, looks like you racIst schizophrenic assholes were wrong AGAIN.

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This is why doctors and scientists cant be trusted. When every day a different one says something contradictory to the previous day their “official” reports are more worthless than toilet paper.

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Just look at that ugly fucking Judean yenta.

>This is why doctors and scientists cant be trusted.
Usually it's not the scientist that are lying, but the asshole journalist that reads the studies like Satan does the bible.

Work at home.
Pretty much shut in.
Wife and I vaxxed.
Wife does all shopping.
See only friends and relatives who are vaxxed to the max.
Still get Covid.
I guess Covid snuck into the house via the chimney and infected me.

Time to boost

So let me get this straight. Your governor sends a bunch of migrants across the country and you think it's a win to treat people like that? You're sick

nope it's definitely both, they work closely together

Sorry but that’s literally impossible your wife obv brought it home with her after one of her extra long “grocery runs”


lmao ran out of propaganda from this year, dumbass?

back to plebbit where the facts are made up and the points don't matter

all fields

na i never leave my home literally it's been 4 months since i left the property as of now but i do have a maid my parents pay for to clean up and stock my fridges with food and i got covid from her and she claims she is fully vaxxed so explain that one science

Oh really? because I'm pretty fucking sure I got it from my vaxxed and boosted boomer dad.

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4/1/21 = April Fools!

hook-nosed kike whore shilling for big pharma poison

might as welll rename the magazine to pedos day

this seems intentional

nice bait
the date on the post is very nice

Not bait though?

>Twitter screencap
>posted: 4/1/21

Why do none of you faggots pay attention to bait dates?