Why aren’t you excelling in you ideology?

>Heinrich Himmler was only 23 when he joined the NSDAP, and 25 when he became 2nd highest rank in the NSDAP.
>He was only 29 when he became the Reichsfuhrer of the SS.
>Reinhard Heydrick was only
30 when he became the leader of the Gestapo.
>Goering was in his 20s when he became a fighter ace, and in his 40s up until 1943 when he turned 50.

Why do I state this? It’s to show everyone on Any Forums has no balls and won’t ever take action or lead for their beliefs, and theyre are all inactive extremists who just seeth like BLM, but even BLM go and fuck cities up so people are nicer to jigs(?). What’s your reason you wont get off your NEET baby nuts and get to work Any Forums? It’s a serious question. No action but all bark, and then the only “action” taken by y’all is some autistic kids shooting up groceries stores, as if that’s the Endlösung für die Niggafrauge.
Tell me why you are all failures and the only thing that Any Forums breeds is USELESS hate that ever changed anything.
Why not get involved politically? Raise money?
Make a party?
Speak out?
>inb4 da jewz wouldn’t let it happen
>inb4 I don’t have money
>inb4 nobody would listen
>inb4 I couldn’t compete with other groups
>inb4 “im a cuck who gets pegged by my wife so I wouldn’t have time to Jan6 putsch”
>inb4 “Im just one guy.”
>inb4 “daddy joe said we’d need f15s to fight govt” regardless of being the most armed nation on the planet, the US losses in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and to be continued…
Answer then questions you coping faggots.

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>Why not get involved politically? Raise money? Make a party? Speak out?
Not sure how to say it in a way you understand, Because everyone here memoryholes it, But people tend to hate them for their overwhelming hostility to literally everyone and disregard to every mainstream morality. In fact, you are so abhorrent that slogans like "punch a nazi" can exist mainstream. A nazi party cannot exist as they will be beaten to death by a mob, rightfully so.
Modern nazis are almost entirely made up of VERY insecure teenage boys looking for an in-group, past nazis were a dictatorship.

it's easier just to get a gun and kill a bunch of people

Used to be a /poltard/ for a long time but it’s just a bunch of little faggot femboys who are failures and pussies who can’t actually get out and do anything. Maybe not through a party as you’re probably right they’ll die from a mob, but why not subversion as Hitler did, turning the small Nazi party into a huge movement by changing the message entirely almost. We are headed for a depression, and a political leader (perhaps a war veteran from a lost war like Hitler, from Afghanistan) who would add credibility to their argument. There are high ranking g former politicians with hidden similar views, and with their support maybe something could happen?

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Information overload / poor reading hygiene

People just can't drink from the firehose meaningfully. Not much is actually used.

You'll fail no matter what you do. I tell you that Everyone hates you and thinks you're a monster and you only see that as an obstacle. People like you are incapable of self reflection. Literal subhumans. Good luck changing the world lmao

I'd rather not get killed. There are ways of supporting the cause while also pursuing your own life goals. Getting married an having children is a good way of ensuring a future for our race while also becoming a achieving meaning and happiness in your life. Most of us were not meant to change the course of history but rather to follow, if there ever comes a man who can lead the charge I will follow. However, for now I just want a simple and peaceful life where my beliefs is a secret between me and my fiance.

I know how you feel, I know the frustration and all that, I used to be the same. You can either try and do something and most likely you'll get very disappointed, or you can learn and live with it and just hope that one day the day will come.

If we were looking for an in-group why would we go for something that society is against?
I think you’re referring to trannies and gays, they actually have a community and society pats them on the back

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>everyone hates you
I will see to it that everyone will hate YOU jew rats for what you have done to this world

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>Why not get involved politically? Raise money? Make a party?
I've unironically done all these things already.

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Sums up 90% of this board, mainly teens and men who have now found comfort and are afraid to lose that. Bread and circuses are given willingly to those willing to waste what precious time they have to be alive.

>cries himself to sleep every night
this one is acctually true. The rest is false

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>fix yourself
>fix your family
>fix your comunity
>fix your greater area
>fix your nation
Ye Hitler had an impressive run. But you have to do it this way. Most atempts just fail way earlier then Hitler did.

I am kinda stuck at step 2...

to acctually answer the thread.

oh shut up kike, do you really think someone listens to your filth over here?

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They are just coping faggots. Even lower than normies because at least normies don't pretend to be redpilled. How cowardly do you have to be to Heil Hitler, but only behind a screen? To say fuck niggers and kikes, but only from the comfort of your gaming chair? They were always two-faced half-hearted cowards, and the moment they are confronted on their impotence they will not hesitate to employ every allegation of fed and shill against someone who is clearly on their side. Hopeless, really.

Because it appeals to a particular audience,
Specifically, Arrogant white men (typically teenagers) With low empathy that lash out against the world and actively refuse to take responsibility. In the Any Forumstard's world, I (collective) ruined your (collective) life/society/culture/race.
Hence why you are seen as menchildren by the optimistic and an incarnation of evil at worst

I am a coward. I'm afraid to get killed because of what I believe in. If there was a big enough movement I would feel safer to join, I guess that makes me a bit of a sheep. I want to put children into this world and that is something that can happen pretty soon and I really don't want my family then to get in danger because of what I believe in. I'd rather be a sheep and just hope for the best to happen. I know it sound dumb but for me I feel I'm not in a very good position to become politically active. I was before tho.

People who say shit like "fuck niggers" are just trying to be edgy or what ever. I respect blacks for what they are but acknowledge that we cannot co exit at least not as equals. I'm sure many blacks would agree that we are not very compatible.

>in the Any Forumsyard’s world

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>in the Any Forumstards world

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We do a better job than american politicians, You should thank us :^)

>In the Any Forumstard's world, I (collective) ruined your (collective) life/society/culture/race
Humans think in terms of "collectives" though. That is how we cooperate and form tribes. We work together to destroy the neighbouring tribe if they are a threat despite some good apples, and cooperate with a friendly clan to expand territory despite some bad apples.
If you get bitten by a wolf and survive, you avoid wolves. It's a defence mechanism, you can't always think about exceptions.

Kikes are ruining the western world - it's so obvious, it is a fact. Nazis are right to be angry, and westerners are right to be nazis.

>thread full of kikes
Oy Gevalt

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And here is why you cocky, arrogant, conceited Jews will be found out. It’s your attitude.

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Their arrogance and entitlement is one of the reasons why they have no friends in the middle east, only enemies

Another thing I see often is resorts to metaphor and grandeur. You know what you're saying doesn't actually make sense in tangible reality, But that never stopped you
Sometimes I like talking to walls, sometimes I just like making your type mad
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