Why is Any Forums upset about skin color?

All of them are beautiful. Its just different color man.

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I prefer the one on the left.

non-whites are just ugly. A tan can be pretty, as you can see here

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Why do liberals fetishize blacks?

How many people choose to get brown cars?

Being obsessed over skin color is a sign of incelism
Racists are pathetic

I prefer the first 3, the last one looks like that freak from enemy mine.

aren't you dipshits obsessed with being as pale as possible?

Black cars look aesthetic

The first 3 are human.


we strive to preserve the colors, retard


Maybe but I only an attracted to the one on the far left.

What is your GDP? Irrelevant third world country

Are you a real Korean or an American school teacher?

Because of the way they act. We are judging them "not by the color of their skin but by the character of their souls"

#3 > #1

Yeah but they're not black, they're just shit colored brown

good point. skin color is utterly meaningless.

iq and genetic predisposition to savagery and violence, on the other hand, are of utmost importance.

I always say pick the most attractive, high IQ and rich/well connected woman you can get. Regardless of skin colour.

would you date a black person? be honest.