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>Germany will deliver 50 Dingo MRAPs, 2 MARS-2 MLRS to Ukraine
>RU missile strike destroyed the Ingulets dam near Kryvyi Rih
>Russian reporting on the AFU breaking through the Russian positions at Davydiv Brid in Kherson Oblast
>Reports of UAF entering Sviatohirsk
>Explosions heard in Rostov Oblast
>Power grid in Kharkiv attacked once again
>Power restored to affected areas in Ukraine
>RU Missile strikes on power grid cause complete blackouts in Kharkiv & Donetsk, Zaporizhzhia, Dnipropetrovsk, Sumy and Belgorod (Russia) also affected
>Reports of Russian forces leaving northern Kharkiv Oblast
>ISW: UAF capture over 3,000km2 since September 6th, more territory than Russian forces have captured since April
>Vasylenkove and Artemivka liberated by UAF
>Explosions in Kherson
>Izium and its leftover RU supplies liberated by UAF
>Fighting in Lyman

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odin.tradoc.army.mil/WEG (equipment explorer)
oryxspioenkop.com/2022/02/attack-on-europe-documenting-equipment.html (RU)
oryxspioenkop.com/2022/02/attack-on-europe-documenting-ukrainian.html (UA)

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Ukraine is racist

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>Sanctions aren't wor-AAAAAAACK

In for Kraken

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Yarrgh, this thread has been boarded by the Pirate of Pisky and his bloodthirsty crew. Give us the booty and we will be on our way to Tortuga.

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Ukraine is full of nazis

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I'm a vatnik. I just like controversy and I'm drinking vodka now. /chug/ is an echo chamber. /uhg/ is better in terms of real discussions and diversity of opinions except that people usually don't like intelligent discussions, they prefer to insult and be rude if someone doesn't share your views.

LNR/LDR/Luganda prosecutor and his vice-prosecutor got smoked

Yarhar me chad! Take me with ye, for I yearn for adventure!

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I'm not sure where that pesky white square came from, so here's the fixed version.

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and that's a good thing

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here have this bitch

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>Ukraine is full of nazis

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fair enough. so what do you as an average russian person stand to gain from putins little adventure in ukraine?

Why is that bad? Just let them be nazis and go live your life.

Lol. Ukrainian Nazis are like the Russian controlled opposition. They're Nazis only when it comes to hate Russians, otherwise they're pretty much fine with the US niggers and faggots.

>Cap- Captain!! It seems like the palantir of Pisky is glowing! And it's showing some image, please take a look

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>/chug/ has a booru
>we don't

uuuhm hohols sisters, how are we going to win the war now?


>Ukie Marichka Artists
follow them for more Marichka\good art
>Original creator
>Korzunka Persukiv

>TG channel for Marichka Art dump
>t.me/ FGJTSFazhxg1NzIy

Also now with 2 Sticker packs:

>Marichka Mega

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>people usually don't like intelligent discussions, they prefer to insult and be rude
60% of the time that's only if you argue in bad faith or repeatedly bring up talking points which were already processed
Other 40% are, yeah, people assuming they're speaking to a retard or a shill that they have concluded is a waste of time, which is common on Any Forums in general, for better or the worse

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>no sources mentioned


It's over for hohol scum. The Russians have received reinforcements from the Red Alert timeline.

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Since the war started, Kremlin shills have revealed they have zero ideas about:
>what /k/ thinks about giving guns to people
>the climate in Europe
>the climate in North America
>seasonal plants in Europe
>What Any Forums thinks about nazis
>what Any Forums thinks about communism and eurasianism
>white people
>drinkable tap water
>car maintenance
>civil engineering
>food and cooking in general
>history of Europe
Some of that shit is so basic, I'm starting to suspect the "ghana troll farm" memes are real. But then, an african would surely be familiar with rural living, so it can't be that either.

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>My pizza got fucked up
I blame vatniggers for this one.

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Ukrainians were brainwashed by Dota 2 propaganda

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Welcome aboard, me boy. No shagging the ship's goat or you will be keelhauled.

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What happened with those large gains? I have been loosely following this war by checking out ISW daily updates. I remember the map more or less looking the same for months, with some minor Russian gains in the middle, and now a whole chunk of Ukraine has been liberated.

I wonder what is the current casualty toll on both sides. Bit hard to find information that isn't biased either way.

It's just an oldman from TV making yellow reports for stolen NTV

>the palantir of Pisky

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>invade Ukraine
>get killed

fucking incredible

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lmao, when russians called baltics pribaltiki fashisti, it at least had some ground and legitimate claims
Calling Ukraine the same is just sad lmao


what is Ukrainian food you recommend?
pic : Ukraine Embassy has charity dinner in my cunt tomorrow.

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Stop denying. We all know Tesla tanks will be rolling through Kyiv any minute now.

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They use a lot of dunecoons and spics.

Yarhar Z-poster, what be this mystery ye've found? Captain Chad will be most pleased!

Pic not related, but a fine duck it be.

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I live in Belgorod. I wanted to work remotely/move to the West as a programmer and started having job interviews just right before the special operation.

As an individual with selfish interests, the spec op did nothing good for me.

As a Russian who lives in Belgorod and has relatives here, I think Putin did the right thing to prevent the NATO nuclear warheads to be installed and pointed at me just because Ukraine is a shit economy and wants to enter the EU as an anti-Russian militant states that "defends the West from evil Russia".