Why do Krauts refuse to pay reparations for their warcrimes against Poland during WW2?

Why do Krauts refuse to pay reparations for their warcrimes against Poland during WW2?

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>On Sept. 1, a report on the losses suffered by Poland due to German aggression and occupation during the war was presented in Warsaw, estimating the total amount of Polish losses at over $1.3 trillion.
>During World War II, Poland suffered relatively the largest losses and demographic damage of any country.

Because Germany exists to secure the state of Israel, why would the Jews who run Germany give the Jews in Poland free money?

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Because we "rejected" the reparations in 1953 and Germans claim that the decision was independent and it's valid.
Meanwhile we were pressed on by Soviets to not take reparations because DPR was a brother nation and it would worsen the relations.

But Poland also failed to raise any reparations claims during the re-unification process after the Soviet pressure wasn't there anymore. But then again, one can always say that any government in the past was making decisions under pressure and anything can be renegociated. Apart from that, is there any concrete evidence, that the Polish government was pressured? Like statements/writings between Moscow and Warsaw at the time? Would be interesting to know.


To be fair the soviet vassal states were just puppet governments,

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>during the re-unification process after the Soviet pressure wasn't there anymore
That doesn't really matter as far as I'm concerned, because it wasn't your government justification, you foreign affairs minister said that the case is closed because we "rejected" reparations in 1953.
it is a translation of what was written in the document from 1953
>In the protocol from the alleged radio of ministers of August 23, 1953 there is information that Bolesław Bierut decides to change the setting to write, the presidium of the government on August 19, 1953. that the government of the Polish People's Republic Join the exemption, to abandon the introduction of a government to release the releasing Democratic Republic with repair service as of January 1, 1954 - he stressed.


we already paid them, what do you think those ceded east territories were?

i guess yall been too dumb to stop listening to russia since forever

In the minutes of the alleged meeting of the Council of Ministers of August 23, 1953, there is a note that Bolesław Bierut referred to the resolution of the government presidium of August 19, 1953 stating, inter alia, that the government of the Polish People's Republic is fully in line with the position of the government of the USSR regarding the exemption of the German Democratic Republic from reparation obligations as of January 1, 1954 - he stressed.

it cut off some stuff

We were a vassal state, what you mean Luigi? Are you braindead?

I hope Poland ceases to exist. Literal Slavic shithole of 'gib me gibs'.

Listening to commies is always a bad idea.

Why should they pay, there is no leverage poland could use to froce them to. no one expects them to, what our jews did was just to offically say "you don't like us and we sure as hell don't like you lets not hide it anymore"

You got repairations after 1953 though in the 90s/2000s and got a shit load of German land as well before then.

Just pay them back 1 euro / day.

they had no choice, it was either
we don't need money or be killed by death squads

we dindunuffin.
give back our land

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These were investments not fucking reparations, every post-soviet country got them.
As for the lands, they were burned to the ground, major cities were destroyed up to 90%, and I mean every.

It's infuriating.

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Hey Polbros what did your goverment want to fuck up or did fuck up so they need this distraction? This is the only reason why they push it right now.

Poland and South Korea really should stop embarrassing themselves like this.

The Jews already have it

Always has been Polski Land.
Germany is not real country.
Go back suck Rome cock.

This would be based if Krautland weren't more Zog'd than Poland!

Ok. That is all? I would've expected that there was at least some back and forth in the minutes? Then again that only exempted the GDR. They could still ask for reparations from the FRG.

if PIS had any braincells left in their party they would say German refusal of reparations is antisemitic.


If we are really going to go to this place, does Poland realise how easily Germany could just invade them if ordered to pay up by an international court? Poland is eternally retarded, and it invited the invasion in 1939.

The funny part thing is, this alleged 1953 document is nowhere to be found,
But even if, that reparation claim rejection was still illegal under the constitution of the Polish Peoples Republic’s because it done without the consent the Polish parliament which didn’t have a vote on that matter. Only the parliament vote could decide such matters, not the First Secretary alone by himself.

They are doing it each election, but that doesn't mean their corrupt ass is wrong.
I won't be voting for them because of this.
We did as we were told, we were vassals, what do yo mean "back and forth".

Paying reparations for war is a retarded concept. Poland should have indulged in the spoils of war when they were available. Oh wait, Poland didn't fight back.

Also, fuck germany.

No the actual victims got repairations
>After German reunification in 1990, Poland demanded reparations, as a reaction to claims made by German refugee organizations demanding compensation for property and land repossessed by the new Polish state that they were forcibly deported from as stipulated in the Potsdam Agreement and the aforementioned Oder-Neisse border. In 1992, the Foundation for Polish-German Reconciliation was founded by the Polish and German governments, and as a result, Germany paid Polish sufferers approximately zl 4.7 billion (equivalent to zl 37.8 billion or US$7.97 billion in 2022). Between 1992 and 2006, Germany and Austria jointly paid compensation to surviving Polish, non-Jewish victims of slave labour in Nazi Germany and also to Polish orphans and children who had been subject to forced labour.[18] The Swiss Fund for the Victims of the Holocaust paid compensation between 1998 and 2002 to Polish Jews and Romani who were victims of Nazi Germany.[18] There is an ongoing debate among Polish international law experts whether Poland still has the right to demand war reparations, with many arguing that the 1954 declaration was not legal as Poland was not a sovereign state.[19] Furthermore, the 1954 declaration only applied to the former state East Germany and not West Germany

Poland just got back the land they had before you kraut nigger stole it
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>Oh wait, Poland didn't fight back.
Ok now you went full retard.

1. election points
2. gibs for politicians, no ordinary pole would gain anything of it
3. distraction from current state of affairs inside country
4. jewish theatre

Embarrassing what? Jap and Kraut need to pay for their crimes

We should pay them with Goldjungen, one afghan/syrian/turk/arab/african is easily worth 10 million euros. Just horde them across the border into poland, give them a gun and some explosives each so they can defend themself from those polish racists

Poland has not learned to be multicultural yet

Why are white people like that on every cpontinent? They never want to pay the reparations they owe

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user quick question, are you a pole ?
If not why do you stand with us ?
Just curious.

great man, what about?
>stolen art and resources
>killed intelligence and the elites
>killed high ranking military officers
>destroyed all of the major cities
>sent young people to concentration camps

>Poland slams Germany's refusal to give them free money
>Renter slams landlord for refusing to give him free month
>Faggot slams straight man for not filling his boypussy with cum
Whoa it's literally nothing.


Because the snowniggers deserved it. Direwangler was right about pooland.

with poland military build up they could invade germoney not russia... errr.. hah ha..

Evene though these people were "vassals", just like in East Germany, they still had opinions, and voiced them towards the SU. So, I would expect that the Polish government would make notes and statements of them wanting reparations and how this decisison would be hurtful to Poland because yadayada. Ulbricht has done this on several occasions. So, even if they had to comply, there would still be evidence of them being forced. That's what I mena.

Pools closed.

>Matters closed
Yeah, it has been for nearly 8 decades.

Thank you. And let me guess, the NPC are still falling for it.

poland mad lol

>Polish government
I guess you don't really know who was initially in charge here, mainly it was people from inside of the USSR, or polish jews
make out of that what you want

>stolen art and resources
The art taken by the Germans was returned wasn't it? As for resources you received land to compensate for that.
>killed intelligence and the elites
>killed high ranking military officers
They (or their families) fell under the individuals mentioned no?
>destroyed all of the major cities
Again recompensated with land
>sent young people to concentration camps
Again they and their families fall under those individuals.

>Polish jews
so like now?