What is he thinking right now

What is he thinking right now

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Ukraine is nothing more than the tool with which the luciferian "elite" chose to hammer Russia with this year and a convenient way to loot western countries treasuries. Unfortunately for the people of Ukraine, the mettle of Russia is stronger than that of Ukraine. The Ukrainian hammer will be destroyed and the luciferian "elite" will cast it aside.

“Thank fuck nobody in my country can read otherwise they’d know that I’m keeping most of the $80 billion and giving them my half eaten McChickens

the goyim are stupid.

"Hmm i think i'll have my statue built in Rostov"


You tell me, merchant

>What is he thinking right now
I wonder if I can take cocaine as a suppository.

This is a scapegoat fantasy for your failing life.

"I will likely go down in history as one of the greatest presidents that ever lived"
Which is true.

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"I cant believe we are actually going to defeat russia"

>you own nuffin, goyim

>UK or Israel?

>I am a Jew and im getting the gold
>getty getty gold getty getty gold

I'm in the mood for digging holes now.

Is it too soon for another line of coke.

Why hasn’t this guy been splattered yet? Russia doesn’t do wet works anymore? The whole thing wreaks to me.

He is thinking:
>I don't care how much stupid goyim cattle I put through the meat grinder or that I will cause extreme poverty in all of europe.
>I must win this so that jewish influence may spread to russian borders and so that people will call me big, even though I'm a jealous jewish manlet.

>Russia already has a shiny new 1000km NATO border because of it chimped out

>"I could go for a fresh baby foreskin right about now."

>Then we will use the "Polish" tools.
>Fortunately 80% of their politicians are jewish

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"more Shekels for me soon"


>Needs me more gibs bwahahaha

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the next rat ship to jump to when pooland gets their shit kicked in

>What is he thinking right now
"will my israeli passport keep me safe once the Ukraine is totally destroyed?"

>Russia already has a shiny new 1000km >NATO border because of it chimped out
Said the mutt with only 20% of white genes, while licking the fat off of his fat, sausage fingers.

"Damn that's some good coke, holy shit..."

"Cocaine is one hell of a drug"

Why does he looks like hes about to burst out laughing all the time

>What am I going to spend all that embezzled money on?
The treatment of this faggot by western media and all the fucking spastics in my country really just solidified how much I fucking hate this country.

then kys demoralized piece of shit

According to the Russians themselves Russia has been controlled by Satan for centuries. The only thing that can save a Russian from damnation is rural ignorance and even that won't shield them from the suffering.

>i love shekels, shekels, shekels
>billions of free shekels from shabbos goy countries
>buying another miami mansion
>and another couple of 8 balls
>buying another swiss chalet
>need to do another 8 ball
>oy vey, the goyim are getting unruly
>war? wait, i thought we were talking about shekels

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>According to the Russians themselves Russia has been controlled by Satan for centuries.
according to finns, russians alwayss lie
so which is it

The jew beats the russian with the white mans weapons. It really is a new spin on things innit?

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wondering if the itch on his butt is Monkey Pox


>Fuck, too many goyim are noticing
>Maybe I should do another magazine shoot.

thats not putin, thats the President of Ukraine, you know him otherwise as the guy currently pushing your shit in. If you don't like it, tell your little boy loving chimp putin to mobilize the fuck up already if he's so bent on following hitler's footsteps to the wrong end of his own pistol.

Lol what am I thinking, I've typed thousands of words, no way russia has the budget to translate all of that for your nigger ass.

>Me and cousin Soros are making so much goybux right now, fuck man..