The experiment is over

Should white people give America back to the Native-Americans and go back to where they all came from?

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The very moment they present ownership documents of property, we are moving.

I wouldn't mind all White people and only White people living in Europe. I also wouldn't mind Whites and Asians sharing Eurasia and the Americas without any Sub-Saharan Africans. Really Sub-Saharan Africans worldwide should be sent back to Sub-Saharan Africa. Everyone else can get along reasonably well.

Yes. Give me back all of america. And now i declare america a white ethnostate. All fellow redskins that disagree with me are terrorist and criminals


They unironically have billboards plastered all over the Black Hills about this. Some faggy billionaires from Minneapolis gave them a ton of money for it. I'm worried that Congress will actually turn the land into a reservation or something, with as retarded as they are.

The grand experiment is far from over
Plebs time for the freeze

The ole American Indian post.
So, woke sludge, How did an open door immigration policy work out for the American Indians?

natives didn't believe in property
you were allowed to live as long as you take care of the environment
property is the most jewed up shit you guys brough

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Native American's should give America back to it's original inhabitants.

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it wasn't open door immigration
you fuckers just arrived
but because we were not savages, we didn't kill you on sight
instead, we gave you turkey and berries so you retards wouldn't starve
I wish we hadn't

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>we stole it first that means its ours
nah bro

English* not entire

How to return to the injun ways tho
You cant

Scalp a honkey

No, stay where you are. We're full

No. Nothings over.

>muh stone toss said so
no wonder why jews want to kill you

>Where would my home be??
Don't even let them put the question in your head, just put a shotgun in their mouth.

I agree. Niggers really ruin everything.

>he doesn't know about the Lakota Sioux
get fucked beaner

>Should white people give America back to the Native-Americans and go back to where they all came from?
it sounds reasonable

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you have to go back
and take your niggers with you as well

Give back Constantinople and we'll talk.


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how's that gonna work when white people are a mix of different nationalities?

No, we should genocide your people and take your land instead.

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