George Soros on Ukraine

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look, you dumb western golems, the shit hits the fan in no time, the era when you lived in a prosperous, safe suciaty ended.The greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing the world that he did not exist. Wake up or your kids will pay for your stupidity.

>The forest was shrinking but the trees kept voting for the axe, for the axe was clever and convinced the trees that because his handle was made of wood he was one of them

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nice one, kike. keep bumping my thread

absolutely retarded if not shitpost.

whether anyone creates Soros related threads here on Any Forums - no one participates, its a mystery, Ive seen it for years. despite the fucker is responsible for half the shit you morons are in today.

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Schwab and the economic forum is the new boogeyman evil bad man.

Soros isn't even his real name

Anyone Soros and his (((ilk))) hates is an ally, anyone Soros supports is an enemy.

Definitely human

Not a mystery, it's just a known fact. It's like starting a thread that says.... "Hey guys, I found out water's wet."


Now a weird big titty Canadian tranpa teacher....that's funny. Most of pol is just waiting for shit to get bad enough for the npc tipping points. Tranpas will make that happen faster than an informative soros threads.

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at this point who doesn't know about Soros?
Just demoralized and don't care anymore, your government has the same bastards who would sell you and your family out for some extra shekels, the same is here. normal people will always be their playthings and most of the people are either oblivious and will never bother to pay attention because they are preoccupied with their current lives, while people who see these bastards are quickly infiltrated, threatened or straight up removed before they can form any significant movement to hold these bastards accountable.
>tl:dr too demoralized at this point

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Ahh yes. The coin has always been visible but people always focus on heads or trails and forget to look at the whole piece.

>doesn't refute it
I think this video is also worth sharing.
>Putin, Soros, Thunberg - Assault on Western energy

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Soros began his "career" as an intern at a Rothschild investment bank. Schwab is a literal nobody, who (((somehow))) created the WEF out of thin air and nobody gave a flying fuck about the WEF until recently. In reality, both are mere foot soldiers in the hierarchy of the jews/elites and they are used as boogeymans. The people responsible for all the bullshit in the world were and are a handful of very wealthy families, most of them Jewish. Rothschild, Rockefeller, Warburg, Bronfman, DuMont (or was it DuPont? I always mix those up), Oppenheimer and so on.

kek'd and checked for truth

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Mikhail Khodorkovsky was kicked out only due to business rivalry with Chabad Lubavitch

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George Soros is an enemy of European civilisation just like your kgb manlet kike is and his jewish allies. they can be hung from the same branch on the same tree for all i care

Is it retarded to assume that Soros is actually a Marxist and not really a Zionist? he's backed pro-Palestinian causes for Christ's sake. I've tried to find incriminating stuff on Soros in this regard, and it's really just non existent. He doesn't care about Israel.

Bump for Russians.

>despite the fucker is responsible for half the shit you morons are in today.
The only ones responsible for what is happening today are whites, gave the reins of their own nations to jews, fought for jewish interests, those who were aware of the real enemy were either to afraid to act or were stopped by other whites (WW2), and now only a few are waking up to the reality, too little too late.
>Shut up kike, you guys are at fault
Jews want supremacy over everyone, what a shocker.
If whites were actually smart, they would know this is true for all other races, but they fell for the equality meme.
Stupidity as a steep price.

oh look its another /pol thread where you pussies cry about everything and then do nothing about it

The enemy of my enemy is my friend is a retarded saying to live by. The enemy of my enemy may become my enemy, if they have these intention then we would be fucked over by considering them as allies.
The enemy of my enemy is just that, you can exploit both to your advantage.

That's all Any Forums ever was

he is a great man who protects our freedom and democracy from dictatorships like CHINA and RUSSIA

maybe take your head out of your ass then you will see
soros is blamed for 90% of problems in western society, on Any Forums

He is just the (economic) hitman who carry out orders from his "employer". It is not entirely correct saying shit we are in today was because of him.