All Putin has to do is bomb The Queens funeral and the west looses all of it's leadership overnight.

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damn that would be cash money too bad it will never happen

OP just teacheded me something

president latvia is a (((levits)))

i dont keep track much but one day we will see lists with
Aaron Jewstein, President Japan

>looses all of it's leadership overnight.
You think those shit licking cunts can't be replaced?

these names are just public puppets, that can be replaced in less than 10 seconds

Oh man, we'd be so scared and helpless. Grr, don't you dare Russia and Poopin. Haha, he's the butt of that joke. But seriously, we can't let him get the nuclear codes.

>he thinks those are the ones calling the shots

That would be traaaagic .

If I were him I would not bomb these people! What if they are replaced with someone not retarded?

Katalin Novák Hungarian President - When the government was stood up after the elections it was told that she is the token wammen of the government useful to send to protocol shit but don't ever do anything. Can't make this shit up.

but he wont because Putin is on their Great Reset team.

>The monarchies, Germany, and the U.S. are only sending in political figureheads.
>Losing Recept Tayyip Erdohan, Justin Trudeau, and Charles Michel would be an improvement for the respective territories.
>Italy changes leadership all the time.
The west will be fine.

>Zero (0) relevant de Rothschild
>Zero (0) relevant world bankers
>Zero (0) Relevant figures
Oh my talmudbox puppets!11

because the real Biden is already dead?

>eat Reset team.
Chaos is a latter tho bros...

That would literally save the west. Our leaders are our greatest enemies.

Putin can barely bomb a neighboring country let alone the UK

Putin will be going to the funeral

That will never happen.

Sending our president idiot is like a slap worse than not accepting invitation.

Esl? or kicked in the head by a horse in your formative years?

Are you Aborigial or what?

I think you meant to say "saved" instead of "fucked".
There is no bigger enemy to the Western world than it's leadership class.


Please, do it. I'm sending all my energy to Putin

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rollin and prayin to all the gods in existence for nukes

bots, son

>the west looses
You mean we win...

I hope they reveal their reptilian forms in front of everyone, we need it to happen already. It's time to unfold the stone fro. Hyperspace or die.

Putin wants to be at the funeral. Cuck warfare.

Praying for rain of fire