Ayo here's another Disney princess for you

Ayo here's another Disney princess for you

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at least she's white

who cares? maybe they are trying to give some kind of social engineering to tame "minorities" with the same tools they tamed white children? why would you have a problem. these disney stories are old to us. who cares about them? we are clearly not the target audience, and we still have the ones we saw as kids.

imagine worrying about neo-disney since the jews took it over. leave them to it. make new stories. who gives a fuck about a corporation

Sno Yt

snow white

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Tell me you're American without telling me you're American

56% white at best.

more cinematic blackface

>who gives a fuck about that millions of white kids watch

They just need more makeup like Chinks does

>snow shite

That costume is the thing I have the problem with.

Fucking hell. At least put some fucking effort into cucking European folklore.

Snow Beige

why are ameritards so obsessed with gipsies? there are about 50 million americans who fap to AOC deepfakes daily.

fucking junglefever monkeyfuckers mate

they dont really watch it anymore. all they care about is tictacs and youtubers

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Snow...Indian? Egyptian?

>Half Colombian half Jewish
exactly who the hell is the audience for this shit?

is this a joke

Snow white was meant to be beautiful...

Who gives a shit. We all know that Disney's CEO is a jew.

The process of destroying the four olds continues.

>the witch is still a jew

>Who gives a fuck about that millions of white kids watch
imagine letting your kids watch disney movies after the 90s LOL.

what is it with these wide eyed mutts they keep hiring

Of course the 7 dwarfs would be Mexican

>looks like poo
Purge every single amerimutt.

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Definitely a Snowlatto or a Snowroon

When will diversity advocates start on sports?
Example: American football.
Why are starting lineups in the NFL almost entirely black?
Isn’t diversity more important?
Wouldn’t diversity make these teams stronger?
Why shouldn’t every team be required to interview a white, Hispanic and Asian for every position to ensure that blacks make up only 13 percent of their starting line ups?
Why hasn’t the NFL instituted a diversity program to dismantle systemic black racism?

To drive the point home that they're not just casting European people with a tanned skin (see pic related) and pass them as non-whites, they're casting people of different ethnicities with barely any European DNA in them.
They want to destroy us, they hate that we're more successful in every field, from science to aesthetics.

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I wouldn't, but most of the white people just don't know better

Another preying mantis eyed bitch, where the fuck is Hollywood finding these freaks?

Will she sing only in Spanish again?

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Jesus christ, can they NOT hire women that are actually attractive for the roles? The niggermaid is hideous and now this goblin. The fuck is Disney doing?

*in USA