Finding Purpose

Any Forums, I have browsed here for about 10 years now. When I was younger I struggled to find purpose and value in life. Media and socialization annoy me, and I find no joy in urban areas/current trends.
I had read a lot in my younger years, and came to the conclusion that the pursuit of traditionalism,nationalism,and God, were enough to give me purpose and continue on.
My family is kiked, and I have never been able to rely on them for love or support. I have no friends due to my disconnect and dissatisfaction with ghetto culture and degeneracy that seems to run rampant these days.
I have hobbies and I workout, but things get very tough sometimes. I feel alone, isolated, out of touch.
I am not even sure what type of career field to pursue anymore. I was in hospitality for the longest, but even that is becoming cucked.
I feel hopeless. I am still young, but all I have done is work and work and loved and I have wrought nothing in return. I do not know what to do anymore.

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Marry me

> I do not know what to do anymore.

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You’re either in Arizona or you’re retarded and don’t know how to tell time, since we are in daylight saving time. Nice blog post though. Didn’t read and don’t care

user life is boredom/suffering, all copes are basically distractions to kill time before you die

If you are young then keep getting stronger without making any major mistakes like moving in with a 4channer. I've been here for 17 years now because I have no family I was raised by my aunt and uncle who hated me and never fed me. All I have is my health and knowledge that makes me a good person.

I'm not reading any of that drivel.
Post tits, state your business and get the flying fuck out.
Also, you're not fooling anyone, you're a dude.

You're supposed to become a mother fed girl. That will bring you absolute happiness.

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Hello fbi.

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You’re a woman that is literally given every possible advantage in life over Men…yet depressed. Do what God put you on this planet for. Find a Man and make babies. Women have always been their own worst enemy.

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Why did you make this all about you and not the question of purpose?
Oh, you showed us why.
Attention/woman moment.

You’ve almost reached existentialism, keep going.

Stop coming here

This is what she has been avoiding all her life. The obviousness of this.
You know it OP.
You did this for confirmation.
You know.

Lurk 11 years before posting, newfag.

Why post a thread about it? You're preying on sad losers and will give nothing to them in return.
Don't do this. You have no idea what it is to be truly lonely.
t. divorced and dreaming about her every night

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> life of traditionalism and God
Bro I think that went out the window when you became a tranny...

stop bumping this attention whore you chud incel retards, she won't have sex with you because you give her (you)s

Also you'll get fucking terrible advice here. Listening to anything out of the 95% of what gets posted here is a good way to ruin your life. This is place is place of the anti-public sphere, a celebration of dysfunction and iconoclasm. If you do not approach it with that context and think this is some advice forum, you'll be taking life advice from schizos, NEETs, future mass shooters, people who troll Tinder as a full-time job, self-hating browns, and whatever other lunatic finds his way here.

why are there so many femanons

first prince charles thread girl and now this

we need to shut down the borders and make this mens club only

No woman can browse here for 10 years without killing themselves. Fake news

This thread is my one chance in life of happiness. I won't let it go so easily.

The magic vagina won't make you happy. And you won't even get it, so why bother?

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>why clit?
there's a fuckton of post-op trannies

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>I am not even sure what type of career field to pursue anymore
find man
approach man carefully because he is a timid woodland beast
when man’s guard is down commandeer his life
Take lots of sperm to make babies
raise babies into fuctional adults

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I wish I could cave your head in with a socket wrench

No I want a virgin Any Forums wife

Find a good man and settle down. A good, strong, kind man, not one entrenched in ideological fanaticism. Stop browsing Any Forums. Become self-sufficient and live in nature as far away from modernity as possible. Paint, write, hike or play an instrument. Enjoy the beauty of our world and forget about politics and the toxicity of our current culture.

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why do women thinks anyone care about their vagina and its opinions?

what the fuck has your gender to do with what you think? is it attention what you seek?

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you just responded to a memeflag..

10 years on pol? damn gurl you've seen some stuff

You know the rules

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And so do I

I have tried to find a good man, but it is harder to find a man who wants to settle down and have a family, who can provide for that said family one day.
I am a lurker and am having bad thoughts today so I wanted to reach out to you goys. Banter has no effect on me. I hate being a woman as much as you guys, trust me.
I am asking for strength and ideas for how to move forward better.
Even with the right goals in place, like family/marriage/homesteading, I am plagued by thoughts like "is there even a point to bringing children into this world if they will end up cucked" "only 8 more years until wall" etc
Even nice rural areas I used to find peace in, are now overrun with drugs and degeneracy. I don't do social media, and worry I am falling behind in life because I don't use it. The normal woman=ez mode thing only applies if that woman is actively trying to get attention and post online and constantly virtue signal.
If I were to fall into that, would I be better off? Maybe, but I would hate myself for it.

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I noticed too late. I'm sorry.

Seek Christ and he'll give you true happiness

i wish i could crack your skull open with an icepick
please kill yourself you retarded useless trash

getting closer everyday fren, no worries

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Karrah you should have stayed with me, you not every moment would have been perfect, but overall it would have been.
Delete your only fans and come back to me, we can drop some lsd and talk about it at the very least.

your life is on ez mode, find something you like and should be fine

Listen Solo Fag,
Traditional values shouldn't isolate you from community with others. There are more of us than you think.
Start by going to church.
>There aren't any around me
Yes there are. You just need to look. Find the nearest one with traditional values, attend regularly and get plugged in.

Find the nearest politically conservative group.
In the meantime, go to Celebrate Recovery.
>But I'm not an addict
Yeah it's not just for addicts. Sure you could see which ladies go to the Sex Addiction group and hit on them.
But that's not traditional values.
Go to work on your issues (we all have issues) and build friendships with people working on their issues.
And for Pete Sakes quit being a little bitch and wining about your problems on the internet

She's mine. Get away

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I also have no friends, my family is kiked and I don't really know where to find purpose. I try to find someone on dating apps to talk to. Someone who will care and relate but there is nobody. Just people who look down their noses at me or scammers. There's a lot of scammers on those apps it's mind boggling really.

The hell kind of name is Karrah lol. It’s like a Karen Hannah.

This is the way fin bro. Though you forgot God. praise god and live a humble life.

this nigga

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Not reading your diary, post your tits.

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You will never be a woman

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You can always kill yourself by getting married to me and having a family then dying of old age.

You have great eyes.

>I do not know what to do anymore.
The good news is you are doing everything right so far, and your feeling of isolation is a result of how fucked everything is. Everything from our economy, to our education, to our culture, and to our social world is completely unstable or in some stage of collapse. Everyone likes to say nothing ever happens, well in the past 2 years we have had a presidential election stolen through voter fraud in the "leader of the free world," we have had people go into the capitol building, we had the whole country shut down for a virus that really wasn't that bad, we've had mandatory vaccines that are worse than the disease, we've had niggers burning down their cities called peaceful protests in front of our faces, we had an "autonomous zone" in seattle that had a warlord take power within 24 hours of its establishment proving that anarchy is made up bullshit, people are increasingly lonely and isolated thanks to social media and phones, biden's phone and laptop got released and implicated him in the 2014 ukraine revolution which caused the current russian invasion of ukraine, europe has no gas and no power for the winter because they keep sending weapons to ukraine and sanctioning russia to their own demise, and the USD, GBP and Euro are all in various states of runaway inflation which can only be fixed by raising the interest rate to the point where the stock market collapses and we enter Great Depression 2.0. So, that sinking feeling you have is totally natural. You just have to keep trying, keep being better than the people around you, and persevere. You'll make it. Oh, and since you are a woman, get married before 27 and have some kids before you get old and can't. Having a family is the difference between a full and empty life.

Godspeed anonette.

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Assuming these pics aren't fake, you must be riddled with mental issues if you can't find what you're looking for being this cute. Get off of Any Forums and you might. Or stay and show tits nigger

Just 4 years ago there wouldn’t have been this many faggots giving some spic woman positive attention. This board has turned into a cesspool full of faggots more so than it already was.

expose mammaries or make a swift departure

I wonder if Any Forums is secretly full of trad cutes like this, and we're all lonely and miserable because we assume there are no girls here.