Does the subhuman pole understand

That if he gets reparations he has to give back the land he took in contract as compensation instead of the money. if the 80iq subhuman pole really thinks he can get both he is just stupid. death to all poles, preußen is germany

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Germany is dead.

I am Slovak and this does not concern me.

does the self-proclaimed super duper we wuz mensch not understand what "reparations" are legally??? Dictionary, now.

>Germany lost land
>those lands are polish, they just were in Germany for a brief period of history
>Germany destroyed big chunk of Poland, killed millions of people most of them upper class.
>Germany will forever be a nigger if it doesn't pay. Simple as. You think you can be a free rider like that? The next gen nazis were parasiting too much from EU and American wealth, unjustly.

BTW Germany is so shit anything they touches turnes to shit. Guess what political views orange has.

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should honestly just kick poland out of EU and NATO (romanians and bulgarians can do their job) and invade and split with putin at the moment

then end the polish nationality by turning them german or russian

Yes he does but therefore the subhuman should still be able to read a reparation contract which 2 of them already exist so learn to read monkey

non-countries aren't allowed to speak in this thread

It’s not his land to give

Honestly what said sums this up. I don't know why you Germs have to explain how this plot of land that was always Polish is somehow a part of Germany. If anything, you all had one chance to save the fucking world and your leader was a doofus when it came to military, thus, he invaded whatever he wanted to which resulted in Germany's defeat. If you fuckers didn't decide to invade literally every piece of land, we could be in a much better world.

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thats true, we will split like good old times

america is dead germany is still thriving, the amount of sandniggers in our country is the amount of jews we cremated in ww2 so no probs

didn't bother to read, now pay up hans, new pope monuments won't fund themselves

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you mean biden statues, since you are a even deeper US puppet than germany lmao

pic is based, this is what should be done in WW2. Collaborate with germshits and then stab them in the back.

>reparation contract
Can you post it?
It exists, right?

sure, google "London Agreement on German External Debts" thats the first contract 1953, then google "4 + 2 contract" 1991 second contract (non soviet contract lmao)

>y-you need a paper contract or 100% ethnic Polish land is ours' okay??? We're very scawwy and 20% muslim in 10 years time so you better watch out you hear?!
lol lmao we don't even have anything binding, we don't have a proper truce even I think. It's all some bizarre, legally dubious shit because nobody in Germany wanted to actually lay all of it to rest.

Bottom line is: we didn't autonomously take the land, we're the primary party that's at a loss during the changes of borders, frankly. You invaded us, killed millions, leveled cities etc. THEN YOU LOST. You need to pay. Simple as. You can try to conflate the two but it's wholly artificial and you will prob never even have the force or the politics to do anything about it. In the end US will probably lean on you on the reparations as well, since you failed to keep peace in Europe the moment Democrats gave you their trust, then did a whole song and a dance about why it's better not to help too much.
might be soon tho. Some debolshevisation action or something lmao everything goes, apparently

lost ww1 and ww2, still an economic powerhouse
won ww2, still irrelevant

LMAO, we ain't giving you shit. You gonna gib us dem reparayshuns and you gonna be happy kraut.

yes but we already paid that debt twice and you agreed, once under soviets once as "souvereign state"

Idk why germans try to act like this land was some kind of reparations from them.
you didn't even have a say in ceding those lands, germany was no more after you lost the war and the land was taken by Poland to compensate for lands that Soviet Union took in the east. Poland actually lost territory, It went from 389 000 km2 to 312 000 km2

since brits said it acts as reparations for the germany to poles just the read the contract before typing you subhuman

you didn't pay anything to us. Once you paid a tribute to Moscow. other time you paid nothing, thinking you're being smart. Now you will pay in full b/c nobody can actually forfeit that money legally.

You paid nothing, don't try to weasel, kike.

you have better location though, more coastline, and better border

imagine having a border with russia right now, at least belarus on paper is independent, meaning putin cant be as controlling as he wants to

No it doesn't nigger. And 4+2 has nothing to do with reparations either. In fact Poland and Germany never signed a peace treaty, only a treaty of good neighborhood and partnership, which doesn't void any claims.

Until you won't reparate what you screwed you will never be considered European like other western european countries, you will always be that cancer in Western Europe.

I don't buy these distinctions between different kinds of West Slavs. What actually makes a Slovak different from a Pole? You live higher up and further south?

>imagine having a border with russia right now,
you're pretty stupid, aren't you? Besides the obvious there's also Belarus which now hosts massive Russian presence as well and is a current launching site for an invasion.
>better lands
lol no. Lower agro yields, worse soils and less minerals

1991 still a vessel to russia? doubt it. all i see is cope and seethe

It has nothing to do with Germany. Germany didn't give Poland that retard. They could decide their borders are their now, but what does it change? Absolutely nothing. They will stay in Poland no matter what.

everything besides germany is a cancer to europe

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