British monarchy worship is cringe

worshipping the modern monarchy is cringe a shit that only women do

the british nation has been in decline for a millennium and the british monarchy just sits around their billion dollar castles and do PR while their nation gets invaded by non whites

also their indebted to the rothschilds anyways so its a larp puppet monarchy

worshipping the modern monarchy is slave peon servitude cringe

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Eat shit americunt

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1776 will commence again Ahmed

Paper worshiping amerimutt doesn't understand the superior systems that he plagiarised.

not as cringe as american nigger worship

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(You) forgot to leafpost without doing a land acknowledgement first.

>still being apart of the boot while pretending you're not
only a leaf

shut up fat. you worship dagwood dogs and miracle whip

enjoy your slave system and celeb bloodline worship

>tubby american spouting the rhetoric of the majority while not knowing what the word millennium means


npc: noooo don't disrespect our leaders who have sold out our nation noooo

Chuckie looks as red as a beat. Any chance of him having a stroke anytime soon?

>tubby american doesn’t know what the word majority means either.

damn you’re a dumb cunt. i can rag on the royalty while acknowledging you’re just another spic throwing around big white man words like millenium without knowing what they mean. get back to work, juan.

Opps beet* in before someone spazzs out about wrong spelling/word.

probably. hasn’t been much talking about printing money with his face on it.

It really is hilarious. Under their rule, britain went from strongest empire in the world to being less relevant than egypt. you would think they would hold the current system responsible for it. instead they blame others.

>be american mutt
>cant stop thinking about brits, british culture, british tradition or british institutes
>despite breaking free from britain in 1776

you are seething because you thought you could play the adult, but instead, reduced your nation into a smouldering shit heap fire in less than 250 years. meanwhile, britain is still here. cope more. just think, the queen was over a third of the age of your shitty fucking country's independence. seethe more circumcised mutt.

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Oh I forgot about this one.. Lol.. Have a laugh Bongs! Haha

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Democratic systems are bound to inherit weakness, she was a product of a better more hopeful time. It’s with her passing can we see for sure that it is time to fight for what should rightfully be. Those without a history would of course struggle to reconcile it. I pray for the USA as I pray for England, god bless and long live the King.

>enjoy your slave system and celeb bloodline worship
this is what being self-unaware looks like in text format. you are literal maritime cargo

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