Vgh... Chud bros?

Vgh... Chud bros?

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But the Jesus recreation on the left is not accurate.

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He was ethnic Aramean. Basically a modern day Arab

This meme is gay and you're gay.

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Posted it for you

Naw, he was black. Closer to somali... picture related

How do you know that?

Jesus was a Jews. Jews are whites.
I am listening.

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Accept our Lord, Varg into your hearts.

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What source material? I just dont want to look at ugly niggers

Source material? You mean the bible? Where there is no detailed description?
Not that any Christians have ever got mad about that anyway. Slide threading shills like you will get to see Jesus when you're condemned to hell anyway.

Why are they so defensive?

>Posting a well known fake
What did he mean by this ?

But then why are jews light-skinned?

Funny thing is, I kinda look like European Jesus - long hair, beard and kinda skinny in the face and I had multiple Arabs tell me I look like Jesus


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Those two Jesuses look almost the fucking same and both look like they could belong in North Africa. I want to cave your stupid insectoid head in for posting this retarded trash

Those arent jews they're khazar cannibals that took over judaism after the original jews got rekt for the hundredth time

Because they bred with Europeans duh.
Jewish diaspora in Africa look black.

No proof it's fake, still inconclusive despite best efforts.

Chill it, Nguyen

>Vgh... Chud bros?
middleeasterners ont loook like pakistanis, imagei s from indigenous people of mesopotamia the Mandaeans.
you... can... cope... right... now!

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How was it made?

Looks like a Turk. Aka not White

but even other semites like the assyrians aren't as dark skinned as the jesus pic on the left.

this is what he looked like if you care about it

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According to lefty logic all the Jews mixed with Europeans and that bleached them. But Arabs & Turks raping there way through the Levant had no effect on their skin tones.

>Where there is no detailed description?
Ya it doesn't describe Jesus's skintone but his direct ancestor King David is described as been white and ruddy, which means he was ginger.

one of the earliest iconographic work (Sinai Pentocrator) of Jesus again doesnt look like pakistani or indian but looks middleeasterner.

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Another synagogue of Satan post.

both upset me deeply
so much for your lame meme

>Basically a modern day Arab
So are you, Weeb. Don't rape your ESL students.

>goes from saying "mermaids can be any race" to full copium
Seethe and cope, "cultural appropriation" faggots.

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>Looks like a Turk. Aka not White
they dont look pakistani like in your image.
dont run away from the obvious elephant in the room coward, they look middleeasterner not pakistani

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>He was ethnic Aramean. Basically a modern day Arab
and arabs dont look like pakistanis

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Why not

Pontius Pilot noted in his diary that Jesus had a much lighter complexion than the typical person of Nazarene and that he had golden hair.

Both of the Jesus's look like shitskins to me. Who cares?

I liek the manga better

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Not being a shill but does anyone actually care about the exact shade of skin Jesus had? He was a Jew from the Fertile Crescent. Chances are he had dark eyes and tanned skin. Do people argue otherwise? Seems like a straw man. Ariel, however, was never a ballon-lipped, googley-eyed, wire-wool-haired negress.

>my life is going well, a billionaire pedophile is paying me to push some gay op where a company is being ruined to cause a distraction, I am very happy and made this meme because I don't like racists