User, how do you feel about 'white supremacy'?

>don't want to see I approve of it because I don't want to get fired
what do?

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*say not see

What have white people done for you?

They birthed me out of their vagina.

I am white and I don't want to see my people become a minority in the country they founded. Problem is the solution involves deporting citizens which is technically illegal.

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stand up. throw a roman, and sing Sieg Heil Viktoria

Family ties are critical. With strong enough family ties you can take over the world, literally, just look at the Rothschilds. If you're into an Abrahamic religion then you are commanded by scripture to honor your father and your mother. You didn't answer the question.

What difference does it make to you who's in charge? Buy shit from them, trade with them, whatever. This country was founded by religious extremists who didn't want to pay taxes, why is their race so important to you?

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>What difference does it make to you who's in charge?
What kind of retarded disingenuous question is that?

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One designed to make you reflect. In an ethnostate you'd still have to work your boring ass job. Who cleans the toilets in an ethnostate? The master race?

>deporting citizens is technically illegal.
way to follow the rules you mad man.

>In an ethnostate you'd still have to work your boring ass job
Let me explain something to you: de-population causes deflation. So if we deport tens of millions of beaners and niggers then wages go up. Do you understand? I have every logical reason to want them out. You have no logical counter-arguments.
>just don't care brah, you're still a wage-slave
We would probably be able to get infinitely more done without political parties but you are absolutely missing the point: I just wanted to know how to deal with this interaction from someone who agrees with me on this. I think you're retarded and unserious.

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>what difference does it make who's in charge?
LOL, come on memeflaggot. you have to be trolling.

I don't mind breaking the rules but if we do that then we need to be well-armed and have access to a lot of busses and other forms of security like Apaches (to follow the busses).

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respond with a question, play dumb and flip it back on them
>I don't quite understand your question, can you tell me what you mean by "white supremacy?"
>are you telling me how I feel about white people being better? I don't quite understand

a kike is gonna kike

>deport tens of millions of beaners
The people who lived on the land we conquered? You'll kick people off ancestral lands they've held for hundreds of years? If you don't respect that shit, then you have no idea how to maintain control of an ethnostate except through violence and fear.
>and niggers
The people we brought here? Who's next? The poor people? Great, now gtfo.
>wages go up
...the lies you people have been tricked into believing, baka... You don't get to call anyone else a retard after saying that mouthful.

still thinking of life and nation in pure economic terms.
must be a commie or a capitalist.

>If you don't respect that shit, then you have no idea how to maintain control of an ethnostate
If I don't 'respect' multi-racial societies then I have no idea how to maintain control of an ethnostate? This is not a coherent logic at all. You're mentally broken.
>...the lies you people have been tricked into believing
It's Thomas Malthus' Principle of Population, less people means higher wages. Economics 101. You're really fucking dumb, aren't you? Like yeah we need to enforce antitrust laws too. You can be a white supremacist and not bend over to capitalism at the same time. Get it?

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>user, how do you feel about 'white supremacy'
pretty fucking good, it's great to be white

test i don't care
i hate niggers and kikes

>multi-racial societies
That's what happens when you take over land that's owned and occupied by another race, dumbo.

valid point my friend.
we can never have to many busses.

I don't care what you think beaner. This thread isn't for you.


Fascist is fucking stupid and will get us all killed because some white Americans blamed their diabetes on Jews or some shit


right, I don't care, they need to go; you need to make an argument that appeals to my self-interest, I don't feel remotely bad about kicking them out

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