Who are the Orkanians?

This guy predicted the Queen would choke

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Fuck around, wait 6 hours, and find out.

seems like something a baphomet would advise

>Satan gets

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I dare you to look at that accounts likes.

no he didn't
it was a goddamn trick where he posts the same prediction with different dates and promptly deletes them when not proven correct

probably some nft shit

Hope it is ayy lmaos demons.

i shall know false prophets from their fruits

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So Ayy Lmaos later today?

2 more weeks.

she was 96 and sick. not to hard to predict my dude.

>Who are the Orkanians?

Biden is old, predict his death to the day.
>not hard to predict my dude.

chill diablo

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She was already dead. The bong government ordered those "The Queen Fucking Died" flags from China, months ago.

Easy. He dies tomorrow. Or in two weeks, tops.

Gay niggers from outer space


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