Gay Jew is new ambassador of US in Hungary.

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My thoughts on this are the following.


I was never too much religious, but with what’s happening in last months/years, term antichrist is starting to make sense.

they managed to send an ambassador after 2 years
also he will be called back after the midterms

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Imagine being the Hungarians that have to deal with this Anglo-Jew hybrid rat man looking literal faggot on a regular basis, especially when you know his whole agenda is to actually destroy your country with Jewish pozz. Like if I was one of these Hungarian authorities my constant urge would be to have this guy lined up and shot. I guess that's why they came up with diplomatic immunity.

Holy shit look at the body language of those kids.

Embassies are used for crime, infiltration and spying, the sandniggers inside of them have legal immunity and they are a massive waste of tax gibs.

They should be replaced by a single international institution (without jews and other subhumans) that establishes communications among countries and handles physical interactions instead.

I already had a burning hatred for The Great Shaytan, but after listening to those Blinken and Nuland calls, the leaked DoS stuff, it has increased tenfold. To me they are like we had voice recordings of Bush ordering the 9/11 attacks.

>Preadator gaze.
>Children won't look up, messy cloths, look like the adults are holding them in place rather than embracing.
>Those noses
I hope they go back to muttland in bodybags.

kek. I imagine he will be looking forward to meeting President Novaxx for a while.

they normalized it for filthy bureaucrats and their friends.

I hate the antichrist

Where did these gay kikes get their goyboys (sex slave children)?

From Ukraine or Russia, probably Ukraine, Russia was a 90’s thing.

We should disappear them, at least those boys would be spared from further rape.

wouldn't the ambassador travel alone? why would his family meet people

Better questions are: why do 2 fags have 2 boys with them, why are the boys looking down, why are their clothes messy and why are the fags holding them like if they were about to run away.

You wont do shit bozgor
remember there is a US army base in Romania and they will wipe you out with Romanias assistance

look at the noses on those fags and you will have your answer

Those kids look miserable. Probably daily sexual abuse.

Ambassadors often introduce families to each other. Its nothing unique. Some hippy shit about humanizing them or something.

>we're the bitches of pedophile homosexual jews, hah take that bozgor
You sure showed me, cigany.

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Poor kids.