If you cant fight should you really be talking shit, racist? how many times has this happened?

if you cant fight should you really be talking shit, racist? how many times has this happened?
>racist says some ignorance
>POC educates the ignorant
>Any Forums seethes

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hope that nigger hangs

are niggers bulletproof?

Sorry but i support free speech

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you should carry a gun if you're going to talk shit

Blacks to go public school looking to beat weak people after getting their ass beat and molested the entire time away from school. That's their purpose.

>It starts with
>1 post, by this ID
>You will never get to see a 2 or 3
>Keep that in mind, the next time you find a thread like OP’s
>It’s so unreal

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i denied a nigger a job at my warehouse the other day lol
only hiring locals and whites

god I would love to hang that nigger

lmao based, I reported my nigger co-worker to the police the other day for being an aggressive monkey lmao

Black cunts can't handle free speech. They think free speech is a free pass for violence. Stupid fucken cunts, no wonder the white man took over the world. You have a right to free speech white boi but I have a right to kill yo ass if I don't like what chu say. Truth is, if blacks and chinks had the ability to run the world they would of done it by now. Those cunts couldn't even maintain the world we built, let alone run shit.

>Those cunts couldn't even maintain the world we built, let alone run shit.
lmao, lol even

>and whites
I prefer the "whito piggo GO HOOOOOOOM" nips
also amerimutts deserve this just as we deserve being cold and beat up by ZOGbots this winter.

I love it when it’s the same writer directly contradicting themselves

So...all that lynching you are on about was just "education."
When a mob does physical violence, especially in response to words, you becomes tyrants.

Why what did he do

Same here. I went back and double checked the screenshot hoping it was the same writer. Many such cases.

attack me with a large piece of metal because he couldn't control his emotions like a true monkey nigger

look at the roads in south carolina. niggers can't maintain shit.

But why he acted out for no reason?

lynchings were white people trying to teach POCs to be civilized

What does truth have to do with fighting prowess?

niggers are violent savages
what else's new

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might makes right

Niggers do that all the time. This is why you don't relax around them, they are more unpredictable than their chimpanzee cousins.

He chimped out because I pointed out that he made a mess of the workfloor that he left me and my co worker, he is a homeless drug user anyways what do you expect

Is there a full audio versiin of this video?

Get brutalized by nonwhite miscreant hominids in jewish indoctrination camp.
Brings his fathers bushmaster ar 15 to school the next day and mag dump the niggers.
Why is anyone surprised, you reap what you sow.

True, never relax, I know I didn't, that's why he failed attacking me and he is gonna go to prison soon lmao

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This is why things like Buffalo should happen weekly.

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Blacks are always 5 seconds away from chimping out, if you look at one wrong it's already heading that way.

violence is, unironically, always the answer and the only logical response

Good job, Dutch.