Why does the right hate hospitality and the welfare of other people so much...

Why does the right hate hospitality and the welfare of other people so much? Aren't conservatives supposed to be more generous and charitable than liberals?

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They hate having the government do it, because the government ruins everything it touches. Also, there’s a difference between helping and enabling.

because conservatives are stupid and poor, in both wealth and spirit.

I'll unironically say give it 2 more weeks. It's easy to shove them in a church and get some social media hits, but ultimately they'll be pushed out.

this will unironically age into rotten shit before the end of the working day.

>a single church is "reality", and all the other people bitching about it being "cruel" or "illegal" don't exist
Fucking checkmarks.

Wow, those immigrants are being treated so well!
Send them more!

so when are you going to open up your home to illegals? you don't want to be a RACIST, do you?

>send leftists spics that they supposedly want to take care of
>they spend the day crying about how you can't just send them spics
explain this

That's good to hear! SEND THE NEXT ONE BOIS

just send more, if they can cope with 50 they can do 150, dont they?


Aside from all posts starting with why does or why are or generally with a question being bots.

Well hospitality is to guests, and these guests aren't going to leave are the?
Immigration not regulated against demographic change is also straight up warfare and invasion.
Not even a war does the same thing, because afterwards well they are still that people. You have to go in to actually replace them with your own afterwards to do that.

IN THE USA there is right and left. 2 parties that shouldn't exist and needed to be replaced with 20 because both parties are shit.
The 'left' are dishonest idiots who always argue in bad faith. And on the 'right' there's a bunch of assholes but atleast they are honest about how much they suck dick of rich people and generally aren't very positive either for americans.
So when the 'right' are more reasonable than the left about doing things that are more reasonable to people, than the 'left' then you are really in trouble.

Free speech and human rights etc. and everything like that which stands in way of regulating how many of whatever type can be in whatever country needs to go.
Because if it is case that when you given a tiny bit of freedom you can't even agree to be against invading eachothers countries via immigration system. Clearly you should not have the right to decide much or say anything then when you can't be objectively more neutral.

Everything called special interest groups also needs to be completely outlawed. You should not be able to play tribal politics in someone elses country.

sounds like they want more.

fuck you, shekel bot

Ofcourse USA is filled with non european assholes so i don't really give much a fuck about that, they can't even decide if they should have a border or not. But it's the small countries like the small european countries being invaded that i'm angry about, because it's so unreasonable that you have basically they say we live in time of peace and then countries are being invaded non stop. No we live in a time of war it's just not declared.

This is also why i'm tired of humans in general, especially americans. You got 2 (or 3) holes and shit comes out of both ends.. They just lie and bullshit all the time, are wrong about everything no matter which 'side' you want to say, and can't even conclude pragmatically correct things such as that mass immigration is invasion.
Especially non european scum are idiots, they only care about themselves in their own countries, they only care about themselves when they go to SOMEONE ELSE, and all they can screech about is what someone else needs to do for them!
The human species is so fucking boring and stupid at this point.
It's better to just make neutral decisions for humanity as if you don't care about any of them like.
>i don't care which one it is, get out of eachothers faces, you can't invade eachothers countries, i don't care what group or type we talking about, etc.
Just neutral like that. Without bias.
Idiots that are brainwashed to cut their dick and balls off so the medical industry can make billions off of operating on them.
Disgusting homosexual pedophiles etc. trying to mainline that with gigantic pride parades and other disgusting shit.
Why should you get rights to make your own decisions when all you do is fuck everything up?`
Every single policy should be pragmatically concluded, and if it was rather than this stupid manipulation shit, none of these things would be the case cause they are clearly maliscious and stupid.

Their "hospitality" looks like a concentration camp. Put them up in your mansions, cowards.

This is now a leftist mockery thread

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Why are the shills seething so much over this martha vineyard shit??? Are they burying some other news?

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only retards will waste time reading your essay. jews wont allow the problems to be fixed.

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>Their "hospitality" looks like a concentration camp. Put them up in your mansions, cowards.
The way they call invasion hospitality is ridiculous
These are not guests, they AREN'T GOING TO LEAVE ARE THEY?
hospitality is a word exclusively used about temporary guests!
Even the definition is:
>the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers.
It means you are friendly if someone pops by or arrive unexpected or whatever.

This is warfare this is not even immigration this is invasion not immigration.
Immigration you can only call something if it's strictly controlled to demographically ALWAYS FAVOR THE PEOPLE WHICH COUNTRY THEY COME TO.
Which means you must limit amount of foreigners to a small % and you might even also need to restrict how many kids they can have too if that somehow increase their size too much.

ANYTHING ELSE IS WARFARE AND INVASION. Should take someone about 1 minute to figure out. They bullshit about it for decades!

We are not living in a state of peace in the world at all, we are living in a state of war for 40-50 years or something. Entire countries being invaded non stop.

>only retards will waste time reading your essay. jews wont allow the problems to be fixed.
exactly my point, congratulations idiot, you just made my point. Doesn't change the correctness of what i said.

The island was first recorded in 1602 by Bartholomew Gosnold and Gabriel Archer; the two explorers named it for its many vines and for Martha, Gosnold's daughter.

that looks much better than the housing facilities at the border and in florida. looks like they can better handle these poor migrants than those areas. several thousand more should be sent dont you agree?

The reality is the church took care of them?

If refugees are welcome there then they should really open up their homes to refugees.

Now they know where to go

Good, send another 1000 of them there.

Seriously what's the reason there's so much cunthurt over this? 50 jumping beans in whitelandia seems like such a nothingburger, but besides the salt, there's been more shilling and paid opposition on this board over this in the last day and some, than there has been for major world events recently.

And I don't throw that term around easily, but there is such an obvious fucking shill campaign going on here about this situation that it'd be stupid to deny or ignore. Why this all of a sudden? There's so much else going on, this seems so pathetic, yet it's got more obvious and heavy shilling than anything else in many months, second only to like the Ukie war but that's a major global ongoing event.

Get you some voters for the mid-terms

>We handled the first 50 migrants, take that conservatives!
There were close to 200,000 encounters between border patrol and illegal immigrants in July alone, with most of those being allowed to enter the country with little to no resistance. And that's not even counting the ones that entered the country without even encountering border patrol. I think Martha's vineyard could do with a few hundred thousand more migrants.

I always just took it for granted that it was named after Martha Stewart, ever since I was a kid. No clue why.

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yeah show the pics where shitkins stay. All i see is white circlejerk

I help my own race. niggers can go fuck themselves

They will come to experience fatigue.

Wait until the next shipment. There's already 4 additional units on the way

It's because you're a retard who associated the information you had together without considering any logical connotations.

>implying one day is a great sample size
Until their places are wrecked completely by them, theft goes up along with violent crimes. Just check on all the other places illegals were sent to: crime skyrocketed started in a few days. Just comes to show: liberals cannot learn from history. No wonder why they embrace communism.

Lol try being south Florida and still being positive. “Yea just give me another two million that’s great. That’ll fix things!”

there are rules to hospitality. one of them is that you cannot violate your host in any way, which is exactly what these parasites are doing.
therefore, they have lost their right to hospitality