Why do they still call them that ?
Has the tranny gang not noticed yet, or is Shlomo too busy with other jewish tricks?

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I'll bring it up at the next meeting, just because you got zeroes
Thanks for bringing this to our attention

please make this a thing
i don't want to EVER hear about male/female sockets
please find an LGBTQP+ friendly name for them at the tranny meeting

Sorry we already renamed these to male (top) and male (bottom) sockets

checkmate homophobes

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This is the one name that should have been changed. I don’t know how someone feels comfortable using a direct analogy to dicks going into cunts. The tranny gang probably loves it though.

I never of this before

Actually a very good point

Resista Trans-sista Illogic.

>I never of this before

It's to honour the gay community. The sockets are now assholes.

damn Shlomo you're fast

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Change them to
>master & slave

based toothpaste and checked

didnt expected anything else from a kike, you sell an adapter, tans is cutting of the pins

Agreed perhaps we can call them the pointy socket and the innney socket.
Or like the cyberpunk book Input and Output.

What if I identify as adapter fluid jewden flag?

Not very tolerant also I'm Nazisexual nonbinary so don't come at me with that dats racist crap.

God I wish it were me.

My old uni professors laughed when the school board tried to ban the use of gendered connectors.
>t. Electrical engineer

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I'm pretty sure some faggy committee has already voted to change the name, but blue collar workers will literally never care.

Where I work there is lifting limit signs posted. 35lbs for women and 55lbs for men. We had one FTM working there. If there is someone around I can bring it up to I ask them if a woman identifies as a man do they get to lift more weight? What if they get hurt, what happens then? They can't answer.

Concave/Convex might be an easy fix.

or Dispenser/Receptacle

sasuga kike

Lmao OP this exact thought has also crossed mind.

>non binary electrical outlets

It's called a type A and type B adapter. Or coupler. There's no such thing as gender any more.

That's not very diverse, I want to see woman boxers beat up male boxers they can totally do it.