Chinese military cargo ship in moscow

>China has joined the match

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First for WW3

>russians start suddenly exploding and catching fire

We're in ww3 and the normies dont even know it. Aren't we?

They brought more body bags

haha ok nice

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kittajskij wojenno tranportowyj samoliet wooooooo

china won't actually do anything since they're the world's biggest globalists, if they directly contribute with manpower or weapons then they're fucking up their stance as the world's leading producer of shit

the west will not just sanction them, but ban the companies they've purchased over the decade in the west to spread their commie filth

Hoho the Normies don't give 1 Single fuck

Then the west would collapse immediately, not China

This must be a response to the Kharkov offensive because according to the eyewitnesses there were a lot of NATO troops disguised with ukranian uniforms.

can't wait for tik tok to be banned

doubleposted, my bad

china relies on the west as much as the west relies on china, we're both mutually fucked in that scenario

it's just flying Putin's massive balls back from China.

it really is spyware and it's insane how nobody cares

Put me in the screenbrap

Those eyewitnessed must be really good at identifying since they can tell apart a western nato soldier from a volunteer

>West sends tons of money, weapons, everything to Ukraine
>It's okay
>China sends one transporter
>"We're in ww3 and the normies dont even know it. Aren't we?"

brother, you don't really believe your own propaganda, do you? NATO countries aren't russia. You can't just simply throw in few thousand soldiers into the grind and keep it a secret. Their families would want answers.
your gov says it to excuse that pathetic loss

China bringing bananas?

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Off by 1.

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Yeah, yeah blablablabla the same blabla democracies said about Russia

ali express is here!!!

China has spent the last 20 years urbanizing it's population creating a middle class of consumers for this purpose.

>Entire west supplies Ukraine with everything militarily possible
>China flies a cargo plane into russia
>Raging Basedjack.png

USA is finished

NATO special forces have been in Ukraine for months. No they don't gossip about things to their families. You are thick if you think it has just been Ukrainian conscripts all this time. Effectively we are in a world war, the only reason it hasn't escalated is because neither side wants to openly admit that NATO is directly engaged in Ukraine even when NATO forces have already been captured.

the vast majority of them are peasants, anyone outside of the major cities is basically living in medieval times; china needs the west to keep the communism funded

>Ch.. China will save us!!!
Cope and Seeth.

So what? Chink military is shit anyway.

>>Entire west supplies Ukraine with everything militarily possible
We have given them 1990s weapons that were about to expire, we're not even giving them long range HIMARs because Biden is a pussy and scared of Russian bluffs about muh nukes

The eternal strawmen of Jewkraine Cope

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Both the west and china are doomed economically. Together or apart there will be pain.

nowadays everybody wears what they want anyways.

I have been hoping for this for at least 5 years, but nothing ever happens.
And yes, i know i would not survive, but that wont matter when in my final moments, i knew that this clown world gets what it deserves.

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yeah pretty much, but in my opinion we should ban and reject the chinksect from the west because they're blatantly buying up the west piece by piece to create dependence on them and thus promote their commie ideology

>Ivan need to use chang to try to scare people
Funniest part is they will never fire a single shot to help them must be really sad to be russian right now


Cope and Seethe Nord Cuck


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>this pic
What happened to the denazification ivan?

What if they contribute with mercs and materiel? Its what the EU and Nato seems to be doing.

How does that work? To clarify, how does it work when a NATO soldier gets killed in combat. How do they explain that to the family that their soldier is dead but can't admit it was to fight Russia?

A "training accident" I suppose?