King Charlie 3 set to Dig that Stone Hedge temple Tabernacle of G-D below Hele Stone

King Charlie 3 set to Dig that Stone Hedge temple Tabernacle of G-D below Hele Stone.
Charlie's Angels set to Carry that Mishkan of God to the Mission San Antonio de Valero.
The Queen Lizzie 2 has failed. The King Charlie 3 succeeds. shall come to you the chest in which there is tranquillity from your Lord and residue of the relics of what the children of Musa and the children of Haroun have left, the Angels bearing it - GCHQ, MI5, SIS
Charlie's Angels
al-Allah-moe (pbuh), al-Ali-moe (pbuh)

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>they think it's a calendar

what is it then?

A clock

bring your daughter
to the slaughter

A portal to Bongobongland before whitey ruined the place.

Carl Munck

we have many of those over here.

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replication of a plasma event in the sky

So you're finally getting that stone out? I'm glad to see that, user.

Yep, according to Charlie yesterday. Thanks.

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What happens then, what are the implications?

The Phoenix phenomenon?

Charles WILL destroy the underground crystal that is manifesting our phase shifted and distorted Earth energy grid

Charlie knows it was a Stone Age branch campus of Gobekli Tepe University, a caveman's school of "How to Shore a Cave."
Stone Hedge advanced main campus' T-pillar Shoring design with that Mortise & Tenon Shoring technology.
It and Cursus' were originally about exploring for post Ice Age 'smokeless' home heating fuel.

(old king coal and snow fences)

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idk, I'm just a scientist. Prolly pissed-off Israeli cucks.

One last map for the gipper. Remember, always find the Coal first, THEN move your Shoring material in.
Saves digging thousands of Trenches, Ditches, Holes in the earth for nothing.

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This! We were flying, astrol projection, from there to the Dog Star in the Syrian conselation.

fucking kids. it saves moving those shoring rocks for nothing.

An orgy party