China has joined the match

>China has joined the match.

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Imagine inviting chinese to siberia so they can conquer it for real once russia collapses for the 3rd time in 100 years

are they there to steal our bioweapon labs in ukraine?

If China can join why can't we join as well?

Friends with benefits.

This trope is tired. Chinese themselves migrate south en masse, they don’t need our north for living space as their own northern territories are getting barren by the year.
We got it, it all goes to China now anyways.

why would you join retard, you are not even in nato

"We Chinese men are going to mass rape white women and cut off your caucroach hillbilly childrens' heads and genitals before your fucking eyes before raping what’s left of their tiny skulls through their fucking eye sockets. Death to America. China numba 1. we will drop nuclear bombs America, Canada, Europe, Japan, Taiwan and Australia." - EurasianTiger, r/hapas

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Those are our biolabs cheng, fuck off and find your own! We will cure amerimutt baldness at the slav's expense.

China will conquer Russia in two more weeks

pootin must have sucked off the whole communist party to get aid from the chinks

“Yes hello mister wang, yes I’d like to place an order…yes about 1.5 million artillery shells, ok great, by the middle of next month for delivery? Great great, do you take mir card? Fantastic.”

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I don't what has nato done to not to piss off china in resent history faggot.

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You do realise it's the chinks that prevented Russia from financially imploding all this time right? They took over the entire banking system.

Please Putin and Xi, harden your hearts, I beg you. Globohomo must be destroyed.

Finally. NATO goes all the way, either they do that too or will lose.

inb4 China revives the ancient mongol tradition of sacking and raping their way through Russia

>Liveleak has entered the chat

Sorry fren... NATO will slink away and pretend it didn't happen. They were literally trying to evacuate Zelenski when it started. Other than your country and Britain everyone else has given token shit for optics.

We are already a part of it since the beginning.

The mongols attacked China as well. See the ineffective wall which first Europeans on the scene laughed at as almost entirely useless.