How do I join Freemasonry?

They seem pretty based and redpilled.

Do they accept convicted felons?

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>Do they accept convicted felons?

suck a bag of dicks

their ultimate goal is to build solomons temple in Israel

they are the goodest of goyim

the founders of the scottish rite in america (elite masons) were over half sephardic jews btw

IMO, masonry is a satanic cult that God has subverted in his victory over Satan. People may say that means God created it but I don't think so. In God's original creation, man didn't have to work and he could live for free. After the serpent came, God's curse was that Adam was going to have to work for a living (Gen. 3). Masons seems to adore this curse, however, and elevate employment to a noble status other than the literal curse of original sin which it is. Furthermore, it says in Judges twice, "In those days, Israel had no king. Each man did as he pleased." Therefore, one may assume that the secret command hierarchy of the masons was something that crept in through the unceasing rebellion of the Israelites against God's intended creation: each man should do as pleased and he shouldn't have to work to pay the rent on his life. Masonry adores a model of society which is the opposite of the one God created. They like the one that Satan likes: wage slavery and each man doing as he is told. God subverted Satan's rebellion and put himself at the top of Satan's cult, i.e.: "The Lord rules over Israel," but the cult is inherently Satanic, in my opinion, due to the above.

Although God's only complaint against the Israelites was that they would follow the ways of other nations, the Israelites demanded a king "so they could be like the other nations." Even when God told them they would hate it, they would not heed God's wisdom (1 Sam. 8). After the kings started to choose some men as commanders and some as field hands, what is now called "the pyramid" eventually developed. God didn't create it that way. It was the result of the Israelites' rebellion. In the way God wanted it, each man should do as he pleased without falling under the dominion of another man. God gave man dominion over animals but masons say that men have dominion over other men, which is 100% satanic. In God's creation, no man would have dominion over another man but masons celebrate the opposite of that.

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You have to be able to pass a police check, so no.

>the scottish rite
I have rank 47 in Scottish freemasonry.

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>Jesus answered him, I spake openly to the world; I ever taught in the synagogue, and in the temple, whither the Jews always resort; and in secret have I said nothing.

Jesus spoke all teachings in the open

the Great deception of secret societies is all from satans asshole
not christ

Tf is this picture I keep seeing it randomly?

Drug and human trafficking by negroids:

Archive link (WIP):

Long video, but worth it.

Freemasons are Satan worshippers.

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It's Helene and her friend and some of their helpers.

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Go to home depot. Buy a hammer and a chizzle.

5759 N Camino Esplendora
Tucson, AZ 85718

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>How do I join Freemasonry?
apply for a goverment job
>They seem pretty based and redpilled.
no they are degenerates that should be torutred to death
>Do they accept convicted felons?
yes especially child traffickers

"the woman of scars"

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Helene Leah Gutfreund, the topic of /hlg/ on Any Forums, looked quite like this hooker when she was younger. Since then, she had some prominent freckles bleached off her cheeks and forehead, I assume so that people might less easily identify her as the real Manson murderer. They wrote "Helene killed her" on the wall in blood but the cops changed it to "Helter skelter" because her mother is the queen of England. She had run away from her home in Brooklyn at that time. From there, she went on to be the bobble head on the left in the blank soup room video and to be quasi-deified as "Hecate" by the Hands of Death cult that venerates and worships her.

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Does it even have anything to do with Scotland

This tattoo is the obvious likeness of a giant, winding, raised, purple keloid scar on the hip of Steve Collins of Collins Brothers Produce in Forest Park, GA. This hooker gets her fake last name "maze" because the main entrance to the backrooms maze is in the Collins Cold Storage warehouse on Southside Industrial Parkway near the Atlanta airport.

Steve's first cousin John Roberts is the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court who autonomously appoints all the FISA judges without input from the other SCOTUS justices or the President, and without his appointments subject to Senate confirmations. I have been trying to get Steve in trouble with the cops for several years, and that is (a proxy for) the main reason why Steve's cousin's appointees on the FISA court keep signing my death warrants.

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It's eery how many there are too and how tight lipped everyone is. Rip to that guy tho. He's kinda just gone now right?
Who tf is Helen lol? I'm not really sure wtf this means can you give me a brief rundown? We're talking about the dickness guy right?

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If it’s long and (((you))) repost it all the time, usually it’s jewshit.

They put goatse's face in the backrooms video at t=211s to highlight that he has the same last name Tooker that I have. That's supposed to be his asshole in the window there. He was also The Solipsist in Daisy's Destruction.

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faggot astroturfing thread

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Does the survivor have a video? Idk wether to be fuckin frightened or look at this like it's retarded af? Gives me the chills either way.