In what appears to be the latest instance of European Union bigwigs attacking the conservative-led state...

In what appears to be the latest instance of European Union bigwigs attacking the conservative-led state, the European Parliament has now declared that Hungary is “no longer a democracy”.

Hungary, an EU member-state, is “no longer a democracy” according to the European Parliament, with the assembly of the bureaucrat-led European Union — whose governing Commission cannot be held directly accountable by the general public — passing a symbolic resolution this week decrying the country as an authoritarian “hybrid state”.

It comes after the country’s Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán, achieved a landslide victory in the Hungarian general election earlier this year, despite a coalition of opposing parties encompassing liberal globalists, the far left, and the far right uniting with the sole aim of ousting the national conservative politician.

With this effort failing abysmally, EU bigwigs have now taken to attacking the Orbán government as being anti-democratic, with the transnational bloc’s parliament being presented with a resolution on Thursday alleging that “there is increasing consensus among experts that Hungary is no longer a democracy” and that the country now exists as a “hybrid regime of electoral autocracy”.

The report proceeded to demand that authorities in the bloc punish the country for going against Brussels’ so-called “European values”, as well as doubling down on recommendations for the further centralisation of political powers laid by the “Conference on the Future of Europe“.

According to POLITICO, the resolution easily passed the legislature, with 433 representatives voting in favour and only 123 voting against the report.

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All field.

Imagine thinking the 4th Reich would not end up in flame like its predecessor.

Huxit is coming. What is Hungary’s plan after it regains independence?

Hungary, you must, MUST, let ze refugees in. Your children must be trans and you must shoot yourself in the foot by restricting your energy imports.

A Reich requires actual fascism not authoritarian globo commie faggotry

>let ze refugees in
They already got the hohols.

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>“no longer a democracy”.
They aren't and haven't been for some time.

>slavic shithole
>a democracy
pick one

>The experts.
So nothing will happen.

the european union is not democratic to start with
it holds no legitimacy to say anything about real nations

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>win election
>get declared not a democracy
Guess it's only democracy when globohomo puppets it. When the people of a nation elect a leader it becomes "electoral autocracy". As if the rest of the EU isn't a bunch of authoritarians disguised as bureaucrats.

The word "Democracy" is under spiritual attack, the meaning of the word is being silently changed in the minds of those who aren't taking notice. The Globohomo WEF wants the word to mean "To vote in our interests" and acting in your own interests is not their sophic definition of "Democracy" These people live in a different (moral) reality to the rest of us, in their minds they deserve to be in control because they have the best future for the world in mind for us. In their minds it is okay for us to die as it is best for the world. In their mind if we do not let them kill us, we are evil.

>Guess it's only democracy when globohomo puppets it.
sounds a lot like CIA in southamerica

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Did you know that if you question "Democracy" you are a domestic terrorist, Biden's nigger told me so

>among experts

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You people confuse me.
Hungary supports Putin who you call a crypto-jew killing white Ukrainian using Muslim soldiers, and at the same time you salivate over Hungary like it's Fourth Reich.

Being this naive

Russia has the largest Muslim population in Europe, vatnik tranny.

the eu parliament also declared that a male can give births
so that is that

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>Use government funds for your campaign and have tight control over all media
>But the votes were counted correctly therefore it's a democracy.
Not really a fair election if every news channel is calling Orban the savior sent by God and how his rivals all want the big brown penis to defile the blonde haired blue eyed aryan maidens.

go back to hang yourself, stupid tranny jew
real people are talking here

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You are just seething because you cant diddle kids there without getting murdered by police and citizen alike

You know you want this buddy. It's free and it's all yours. All you have to do is ask

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In this instance we still agree, in this instance, the "vote" is to signal virtue.

Hungary can be a shit and the EU are still bullshitters. In this case the EU is lying through their teeth because they worship democracy and can't bare to acknowledge that big bad Hungary is one too. If they want to criticize Hungary they should criticize them for real things instead of this fake "anti-democratic" bull.

>“there is increasing consensus among experts that Hungary is no longer a democracy”

Do they think their own countries are a democracy? Do they think the EU is a democracy?

Age of consent is a feminist invention.
Good job perpetuating what white women who want to castrate you believe in.

democracy is code for being ruled over by evil jews
take note of how evil jews have been decrying every country that isn't destroying itself by command of evil jews being "not a democracy" or "a threat to ((OUR)) democracy"

Please show me where other European "democracies" had their citizens vote for unrelenting stream of non-white immigrants

Nothing else to criticize without playing stones in a glass house

This. Fuck democracy if it means a eugenics supporting white supremacist becomes president. We should nuke this cancer before it spreads (I mean with actual nukes).

True democracy is when some westcuck official can bitchslap your country's leader.

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>You people confuse me
Maybe you should go back

If a democratic government does something, whether that be spending funds or legislating media, it is still democratic. Turns out democracy has a big flaw, but seeing that flaw in action doesn't mean it isn't democracy.

Nah, yer mum does.