The real blackpill is that 90% of Any Forums's userbase are simps/whiteknights in denial and most of the anti-women...

The real blackpill is that 90% of Any Forums's userbase are simps/whiteknights in denial and most of the anti-women threads here only serve as a temporary valve for releasing their pent-up clownworld rage. If they ever created a white ethnostate, it wouldn't be based on the Roman paterfamilias concept (or the Islamic shariah law) but rather on the values of the Enlightenment-Romanticist Western European period also known as the period that paved the way to feminism, liberalism and democracy

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The even bigger blackpill is that you can't stop us

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Fuck Romanticism and Fuck women
Roman patriarchal system collapsed by the time of the Empire anyway in the cities. We must continue to strengthen the role of the father.

We should create hmofa-state.

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I must be in the minority who hates women out of decades of dating and fucking them and really getting to know first-hand what horribly rotten subhumans they are who deserve nothing but violence.

>The real blackpill is that 90% of Any Forums's userbase are simps/whiteknights in denial
Says you who are the kike.

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WASP will be rescued by mex/catholics, the macho way is the only way.

>WASP will be rescued by mex/catholics

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he seems delighted

Jews are masochistic.

Can you provide any proof for this here claims, user?

Source: angry because no sex

Source: happy because lots of sex

Why call me a kike? I stated an obvious fact, just take notice of the numbers of times anons here use the word "incel" unironically (save when it is referred to trannies, which is an obvious fact, trannies are literal incels)

A couple of months ago I made a thread about a Polish-Canadian youtuber walking around the streets of Poland and catcalling women on his stream. I made it mostly for the lulz to see how anons on here would react to it. Read the replies and decide for yourself


90% of Any Forums is bots so I don't really care

Yeah, you also have a point

>values of the Enlightenment-Romanticist Western European
Ah yes, the worst system ever....except for every other one

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Is he okay

Dating a woman is the gayest thing a man can do. Hear me out, let's apply logic for a second.
All gay guys try to be a pale copy of an annoying bitch. When you hate on gay people, you actually hate on people mimicking annoying bitches. Now, bitches get annoying real fast. Soon enough, you end up with a cliché of a gay man. Soon enough, you're just fucking a gay dude with a vagina and loose tits. And that, my friend, makes you fucking gay.
Only dating young hot chicks isn't gay, but you need to dump them before they turn into gay dudes. For "people" who say that settling with a chick and having babies with her is the non gay way, they are wrong. Not only you end up with a fag with a vage, you also end up with little fags. Nothing is gayer than child play. Your whole life turns into watching fags do faggy shit, instead of shooting shit, working on shit, building shit etc.
Prove me wrong.

Has someone not been taking their meds?

You're right, and it extends not just to Any Forums but the right as a whole. From the Christian who extols women as the "fairer sex," to the Vitalist that sees modern women and their standards are eugenic and jumps to their defense. The one silver lining is their inability to address the problem leaves opportunity for those who can, unconstrained by the lies of the Enlightenment.