Become Ungovernable General /BUG/ #4

This society is so tiresome. What are some ways that i can sabotage and redpill society and the people around me while also having fun?
also Operation Superglue and other civil disobediance

Listen up Anons!
Your goverment will soon start to force-injecting your fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters, maybe your kids, with some mystery jew-juice
and they are acting, like is would be perfectly normal. This should make you very angry and I hope you are angry.

We know the data does not add up, and what they already have done with their propaganda and lockdowns should be more then
enought, to make all of them hang from the trees. This is how it would be, back in the days.

But what is today? You are there alone in front of your computer, and you belive you cannot do anything?

Here is what to do:
-go to your local grocery store, and get some superglue(don't be too greedy, think about other anons in your town)
-use the superglue on the door locks of your local goverment institutions. Think about backdoors as well!
-optionally you can add print some sticker with whatever message you want to spread, and stick it on the door. Things like: "stop vaccination"
-use mask to cover up yourself. chances of you beeing catched are very low. And even if, it's punished with a fine.

If enought people do this, this can be very effective, but even one person can do lot's of damage. The door service will be overloaded with requests, and it may take days for them to clean up this mess.

Main target should be vaccination centers, city halls, goverment offices, party offices of the traitor parties, TV/Radio stations, schools, universities, or any vaxx-shill you don't like.

Of course we will repeat this over and over again, until we see any change.

The first raid should start this weekend, and continue next weekend, and then next weekend and over again and over again.

You have now this secret power, go use it wisely.

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All parties are trator parties.
Nobody is coming to save you.
We are the last line.
Do or Die, frens. Let's do it.

>Inb4 feposting
>Form a community
>Get likeminded individuals together
>Produce food and shelter before words and bullets
>Get a neighbourhood watch going and become as self-sufficient as possible
>Blow up the power grid
>Wait for Chaos to ensue
>Take a group of madlads and shoot up the pig pens
>Replace cops
>Defend your people
>Enact your will

You're advocating for vandalism and you didn't even say "in minecraft"

Are you retarded?

Even if you are not a glowie, you'll attract them.

Call to action of sabotaging is rarded.
> you just do
> you don't announce
> everything else is collecting evidence
> creating a honey pot
> even if you are not a glowie
> everything you say and is somehow backtrackable to you, can and will be used against you

> don't be dumb

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This. Most anons would rather be faggots and just larp about their fantasies because actually doing the work doesn't give them le doopamine boost.

checked and common sense pilled

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niggers tongue my anus

The entire system is a hair’s breadth from complete collapse and your idea is to go superglue locks like a faggot.


Yes you don't announce but you can discuss methods

put itching powder on (((their))) toilet seats
(in minecraft)

Yes that is the point to collapse globohomo

Sounds like something a pantifa communist aggitator would do. I hate the vax too but doing this only harms our country. Besides the vax isnt the current thing anymore theyve basically dropped it for now

You are our enemy. Edom will not be destroyed. Death to israel

>pouring cement into public toilets
Just have pre-packaged bags in your backpack.

>if you kill your enemy they win

It’s not about announcing, rather brainstorming ideas. Are you pro information sharing, aren’t you? Knowledge is power user.


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Based. Will do sir

Kek! I did the reservation thing during COVID restrictions. Serves them right for bending to the pass.