Remember why we fight

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A dead jew? No thanks.

A story about a dead Jew. There's no actual evidence he was real.

For a Jew?

I can believe there was a Jew going around calling himself a son of a God.

He's the most document human figure in history. Doubters have been put to shame on the ivory towers.

Fucking 1pbtid trannies seethe when you bring up our Lord and Savior

Yes, killing jews.

t. part italian (((Frankenstein)))’s monster

based, blessed and amen

These unclean teeth and tongue that eat His body given up are like the nails and spear that tore Him apart in eternal agony.
Kyrie Eleison.
Christi Eleison.
Kyrie Eleison.

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And that is mother wasn't a complete whore. It all makes sense.



You're retarded. There was no contemporary accounts of Jesus. The closest thing is Josephus mentioning his little cult decades after he supposedly died. People said the same shit about Dionysus.

There's several pieces of evidence, but it doesn't point to one man rising from the dead. I wish you guys wouldn't try so hard to discount Christianity here. It's a place that needs it more than anywhere else.

>every other aspect of history is either flat out lies or altered.
>but not this guys, it totally happened!

I fight for freedom. If Christianity can help with that, great.

> Abraham was the prophet, Goy!

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Yes there where actually lots of those. Most plausible case is Jesus was an amalgamation of a dozen different guys.

I don't worship kikes

Inform yourself


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Even the places where everything was supposed to have happen never existed.

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>le epic youtube video
>meme flag
This place keeps on giving.

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The pilpul about this is infinite for obvious reasons.

>There's several pieces of evidence
There is none. There is no source outside of the bible that says he was an actual guy.

Thats a kike too.
Every religion that originated fron semites or those of semetic descent is kikery, nothing else you stupid golem.

Nigger wasn't even alive when Jesus was crucified.

A Roman historian, who considered Jesus just one looney Jewish subject among many, wrote factual accounts about the events that led to the crucifixion of jesus.
Them the Jews wrote the Talmud as a reaction to Jesus.

There were zero contemporary accounts of Jesus. Closest thing is a brief mention of his cult 40 years after he died. Paul didn't even think Jesus was a living man in his early writings. He changed his story after the religion started to grow and made up stories of Jesus started spreading.

...for jews?