Get vaxxed earlier this year

>get vaxxed earlier this year
>whole body has inflammation since then
no wonder it causes cancer

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do you want help

No refunds faggot

Take a chill pill, Bill.

Apologize to me for getting the vax.

imagine making it through 2021 only to get vaxxed this year
you are the dumbest of the dumb niggers

Better luck next life

How to decrease body inflammation?

>Got vaxxed last year
>Am fine until a few days ago, when I started reading these threads

nah thanks. smashed NAC and other shit Robert Malone recommended and I can tell it's gone now

look it up online gor antiflammatory diet. I ate raw almonds and improved diet. I think it helped. Exercise helps oxygenate the blood too

Still not dead faggot.
> whole body has inflammation since
You never were GMI anyway.

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get into prayer and fasting
do it when you are led by the spirit
god bless you

That's also what's going to happen to you soon, because we're pushing Russia to nuke your shithole.

I feel bad for u aussie user, the whole dystopian regime u have/had over there.

And u submitted to the juice; i hope everything turns out well for you.

I still managed to stay pureblood luckily

Not as hard as we're pushing them. Because you know what, I think the Russian nation ain't got fight left in it. I think the ruskies are pussy-ass faggots and even if they have operational nukes, they're too chickenshit to press the button. I think we can take Królewiec and nothing will happen.

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Seriously, what is even the incentive at this point? It's a testament to humanity's collective stupidity at the moment when the vax agenda is still going on, people are biting, and the people responsible for the entire thing haven't been executed yet.

Did you get it willingly or were you coerced in order to keep a job?

I got 4 Fauci ouchies myself and have had no side-effects. Maybe just don't be a sickly nerd?

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>Safe and Effective™

Dear Customer,
Your State-issued SARSport Freedom Access Gauge (FAG) has detected waning efficacy in your current Vaccination Status©. Expired Vaccination Status© will remain inactive until Two (2) Weeks after your Booster© is administered. Please be advised that you must schedule your Internationally approved and mandated Booster® within 48hrs to avoid penalties and/or d̶e̶t̶e̶n̶t̶i̶o̶n̶ compulsory attendance at your local State Q̶u̶a̶r̶a̶n̶t̶i̶n̶e̶ ̶F̶a̶c̶i̶l̶i̶t̶y̶ Covid-19 Recovery Centre

Failure to comply with updating your Vaccination Status© may result in your Social Access™ being temporarily restricted indefinitely. Hospital Access and Voting Attendance may be temporarily restricted indefinitely. Social Gathering and Personal Contact may be temporarily restricted indefinitely. Travel Movement Restrictions (TMRs) will be restricted to the following locations:
>1: Home
>2: [null]

To autoschedule your Internationally approved and mandated Booster® appointment, please select from the following options:
>1: Instant™
>2: Special Unit #COVID-2030 Worldwide Home Delivery

Please keep the SARSport biodata app link open as the appointment is being processed, to ensure your current Health and Bio-Identity details are correctly submitted to the Chainlink Blockchain (ticker: LINK)

Thank you Global Citizen,

*no feedback

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Lol my good good friend got his first jab literally last week, I was fucking pissed at him but of course I kept it to myself. He made that dumb joke "guess I'm going to be the first mutant hehe XD" in that smug Twitter reddit reaction.

Turns out the new batch of womeme and basedboy pals he made were hosting a birthday party and they wanted "no negative tests" as two girls were going on flights next week. He must've caved cus he's very simpy towards the new group. Suffice to say this disappointed me greatly.

the latter. got novavax at least though it's not much better

>got his first jab literally last week,
Jesus fucking christ