Poland imposes sanctions against Germany for refusing to compensate for the losses of Poles in World War II.

"Now German ships will be banned from entering the territorial waters of Poland from next month," the country's infrastructure minister said at a meeting with Polish port workers.

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German is getting based. They told Ukraine to fuck themselves

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What the hell I'm embarrassed to live here, why are they asking for extra reperations 70 years later. I just hope they don't anger them too much

Westernplatte all over again huh? These poolaks never learn.


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>I just hope they don't anger them too much\
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>Poland imposes sanctions against Germany for refusing to compensate for the losses of Poles in World War II.
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>lmao what do you mean EXTRA, retard???
They paid before in similar amount, this is nothing new. Young Germans will grow up hating Poland. Reminder, Poland stopped existing multiple times in history bc of Germany and Russia, acting like chucks will not help

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I don't give a fuck about reparations (it won't be ever paid anyway because g*rmniggers are dindu nuffins)
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the krauts didnt pay 1$ of reparations.

I had a Polish gf and she was a right nonse. All yours ger-rus guys, have fun.

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They helped rebuild, at least.

There’s less and less gibs by the day, so they might as well go for it, the hand is disposable.

Ah, Russian h4x0r5 at it again.

>Darlowo Sea Port Authority informs that on 16.09.2022 our website was hacked. We have not posted any information regarding not accepting vessels under the German flag as of October 1. The incident has been reported to the appropriate security services.

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no they didnt.

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Fuck, no happening again. So very sad.

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Most likely, again, the responsible persons were shown where their place really is and everything was blamed on hackers.