Really makes you think

Really makes you think

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video games are really my only reason to live.. and I am 56

imagine unironically listening to this whole podcast of verbal diarrhoea and simplistic thinking

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Video games are a substitute of outdoor activities that you can't or don't have friends to do with like camping, hunting, archery, exploring etc etc. Don't blame the symptom, blame the cause.

you can say stuff like this about nearly everything

I'm so tired of the kikes shilling this fucking faggot.

I don't care what anyone says, no matter how much I agree, or disagree with it; If they're as disingenuous as these faggots it means literally nothing.

makes you wish these faggot niggers made marc dutroux mad back in the day

Perhaps, but what color is your Bugatti?

Me and my chin drive around in a Toyota


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>"Never spent more than 10 minutes on a game"
>Turn on gaming station
>Watch the intros
>Press start
>Choose "resume"
>Kill 5 soldiers or talk to two NPCs or drop kick 2 zombies or build a 3x3 floor/wall or drive past a couple of cars.
>Turn off gaming station

Nothing means anything unless you choose for it to.
One futile waste of time is as good as another, whether you're entertaining yourself or feeding your ego.
You're going to die, so why be miserable in the meantime?

Caring what women think or their "respect."
Fuck outta here with that shit. Big reason why we're in this mess. "OH NOES, WHAT DO THE WAMEN THINK ABOUT (issue).
pic very much related

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better be a gaymer than a materialist like these fags

I stopped playing games cold turkey, now im in upper management and hate my life.
I miss 2014 sitting in my room with my childhood dog playing fallout new Vegas and drinking root beer, my mom in the other room making me lunch, going out riding my dirt bike later that evening once the heat died down... those were the days

I will rape you

I like anime and jrpgs. I dont care about women.

modern man is truly broken and all these false prophet jews keep appearing with "solutions" that are merely logitcal reasoning

Things matter if you give them meaning. Someone can just as easily find the pursuit of material gain and buying vain shit like supercars meaningless. If it's self-exploratory and you derive meaning from it, it's meaningful. People like Tate are actually the biggest spiritual cucks, because they entirely allow society to determine what "matters". Notice how their idea of "success" is entirely wrapped up in every shallow modern notion of success. Meaning, their idea of success if the most normie zog-golem idea of success possibe, a narrative carefully constructed by those in power to create and maintain a golem population.

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>Big shiny pile of attention whoring fag


he's right, and it makes me upset

Does anything matter anymore?

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