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Pedo swirl on the left.

lol look at the black dude, it's like say something buck you know this ain't right.

Have this webm to cleanse your eyes anons

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its not working...

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Only in Jewmerikkka

she looks irish

This is how trannies get fucked, we larp as the most extreme version of them

Perfect slam pig. Great for sex but terrible for marriage.

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after seeing a few of these webms it has to be an elaborate troll. Please atleast boymode for the first few years of hrt instead of doing this shit.

>if only you knew

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the nose ring is a huge red flag.

I dont get it are they implants or is she stuffing her bra?

Everything about her attire and attitude screams leftist whore that sucks toes and random dick and will be 350 lbs by year 2 of marriage that ends in divorce after you catch her cheating.

looks like steven crowder pulling a prank just to "own the libs"

100% this is not real

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i have stayed out of these threads because i do not believe this is real, or that we are entering this level of clown world..

only in leaf land.. heavy sigh

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I'm ordering my drag breasts right now.
This trolling will be epic.

transwomen are women. will you shame her for her unusually big breast?

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wich city?

chanz pls I need more information on this
this is the 4th or 5th image I've seen I must know is this is real

you get fired for being a woman teacher and having protruding nipples.
>a hoax
>a prank
>a social experiment
pick one

>only in leaf land
have you looked outside recently?

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