Aus/pol/ - its friday night

go out and have sex incels

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>average Any Forums user

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I will kill you cunt!

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Average Australian household

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I just had sex ama

wasted trips that is clearly a jew

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How was the girth?

did you cum in his ass ?

Pooftas fuck off

its the weekend again
normies and wagies get to have fun
its not right

I've tried cross referencing the names on the reactions from the kikebook posts but can't find much. How certain are you on the surname?

I read the patricians alt chan aus/pol on weekends, it's not worth sticking around with all these predditors about

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It is truly shameful that anyone in Australia lives like this.

I think it's a good thing
the sooner they all die of alcoholism and baby rape the better

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Thought you were court ordered to stay away from family pets?

Which one of you yellow mutherfuckers was calling me out last thread. Post ur skin chinaman or the teesideanon wins again.

Protestant dog.

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Oh its you! The guy who cries coz hes alone then posts a bunch of screengrabs of standing women uo for pity dates to make yourself feel good. I hope the police arrest you for online hatecrimes and you get ur arse split in 2 by chopper reed.


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They arent chinese.


It's Ian the Bloody al-Australie, I'm merely amazed by his words and deeds.

Now wot?

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Albanian at best.
Bow before a true anglo and worship what you will never be.
Also whyre you laying on a duvet on the floor? Got the dog and a jar of peanutbutter ehy? Canadian with a visa ehy?

oh mate you don't even know the start of it with this faggot