New swedish government immigration politics

>Ulf Kristersson, Jimmie Åkesson, Ebba Busch and Johan Pehrson are already in agreement on the main features of the new government's immigration policy, according to Expressen's informants.
>It will be more difficult to obtain a residence permit, language requirements will be introduced, family immigration will be limited, dependency requirements will be tightened - and foreign nationals who commit crimes will be deported.
>- The proposals have been fully investigated and can become law quickly, says Robert Hannah, spokesperson for migration policy for the Liberals.

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The biggest problems will be the liberals who wont want to go far enough

Are Swedecucks finally turning into SwedeCHADS now?

too little too late and will be reversed in a few years after women vote back in leftoids to feel good about themselves

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That sounds like nothing. Too little too late

terrible news for the finn petty criminal minority

Who's the obvious middle-eastern woman with fake blonde hair?

LMAO It literally won't solve shit, it's already over for swedecucks unless they start killing niggers on the street

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Why is Any Forums always full of demoralization shills?

Even if it will be passed, that's not nearly enough to save Sweden. What we need is complete stop for immigration for at least 5 years and mass deportations.

If nobody does anything in getting rid of the undesirable.then your coalition ain't shit

>terrible news for the finn petty criminal minority

Just raid Russia instead Fingolia user

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No wonder you have a migrant problem Auayralias had this for years.

How can people who have citizenship be deported?


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from left to right

stop being a demoralized pussy user, it's a step in the right direction. at least the leftist scum didn't win

It’s called a boat dummy.

Great now let's see what they do with the millions already there and how they will deal with the EU, the NGOs and all the traitors helping the destruction of Europe.


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>shitskin parents both have citizenship
>two "Swedish" parents
it's probably a lot worse than those numbers

Sweden, yes!

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>criminals will be deported
just like here
too bad it doesn’t really work and most cases end up in higher courts which decide it will be against human right to send back rapists because (insert kike excuse)
if they even get this far and not end up free anyway because some lefty hudge thinks it’s inhumane to send somebody back if they have family here

How limited and tightened? Honestly it should be zero for basically all non whites.

(((Neo-Nazi))) as always

Oy Vey!

Nu jävlar ska vi deportera!

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What did Israel mean by this?

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Only Anglo-Saxon Protestants are considered White.Everyone else are varying degrees of Swarthy.Benjamin Franklin wrote that.

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We have those laws as well, and look at us. You will do nothing as well.

Maybe we could lease some small towns in arabia and africa and simply send them there without any legal troubles sort of like embassy territory belongs to the "guest nation".

>Far right

Now i understand how fucking Sweeds voted for a right wing party.
They got fucking duped. Same as burgerbois

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Check your autism vatnik