Beware! our new political message!

>muh weed bad!
Now pay, paypigs.

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Keep the shekels coming, goys! You look like you would be a good addition to the Chairman's Circle level of pay piggery. It's only $500 a month. Top of the line subscription, goy. You want the best, you get the best. But you're gonna have to pay for it. The best I can do is give it to you for $500 a month, and throw in an extra badge for one of your friends. Let's Go, Goy! Rent in a gated community in the Poconos isn't cheap - Oy vey!

Remember when these fags tried to convince whites to sit out the election, and then just acted like they won when Biden was elected? lmao, of course anyone with a brain already abandoned them when they told their listeners to go get the vaccine.

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Nah you're still retarded

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Why do they put blacks first?

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Does anyone else want to get into the Chairman's Circle? Imagine how great it would be to be in the Chairman's Circle.

$500 a month seems like a pretty good deal.

Does this mean that I can have drinks or dinner with the Chairman?

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Hey who are these guys, they seem pretty based?

>when they told their listeners to go get the vaccine.
Why do you cocksucking faggots always lie about this? I've heard every episode of every major podcast they do and have since prior to covid and I never once heard them tell people to take the vax. The closest they ever came was saying if you have a white family to support and it's between the vax and your employment then you have a difficult decision to make.

>praise Jewish vaccines
>"the science is settled
>but they totally didnt tell people to get vaxxed

They are until they get fixated on some retarded issue because Sven is butthurt someone sent him an email that hurts his feefees

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You will have "direct access to party leadership" whatever that means.

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You get do cocaine with Striker too.

Cutting the free shows to 1 hour with lazy ads cut in is a great way to get more haters. Great job Sven!

you are an insufferable person and everyone around you hate your guts

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>Anyone who smoke weed is a caricatural stéréotype

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Mr. Bond was right about this honeypot led by jewish fat man.

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"The science is settled!" - Joseph "Half Pint" Jordan.

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What did he say? I must've missed that.

Shame about the absurd prison time he is doing.

Word on the street is that Alexander Dugin blocked little Joe Joseph and ignored his dms. Joe "Let Me Buy The Kid a Steak" Jordan on suicide watch.

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these people aren't important, why are you pretending they are?


Considering how irrelevant TRS is, it's totally baffling how many full time hasbara trolls they get.

I mean, they're in a nosedive, just give it a break lol

>>praise Jewish vaccines
>>"the science is settled
citation needed
episode number and timestamp when it was said

Sven apparently doesn't even want to do the show anymore. He knows it's tanking. He said he could be doing other things. Peinovich has to keep him from quitting and told him that Alex needs the shekels and needs a new bicycle.

>plz goyim keep smoking this drug that will make you a schizo retard
Sure thing Pierre Goldberg

It's been like that for years. Sven should probably leave. The trolls are starting to spread lots of odd schitzo shit about his kids. Very odd. It would be one thing if they weren't obviously a sinking ship.

They shit the bed during the most pivotal few years of our lives. It's over, unironically.

I just don't like Sven at all. Miserable prick.