Why does Any Forums hate women?

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Any Forums just points out deficiencies in women, if you want to go to the board that hates women you should visit Any Forums I believe, never been there myself though. Remember Any Forums is a board of truth and nothing but truth, if you ignore the lies that is.

You can safely bet your soul I deeply hate all of humanity. I just find women a bit more loathsome than men

I love women, just not human women.

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Based and same

zoophiles get the rope too, you are no better than gays or trannies

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Fucking degenerate pieces of shit, enjoy burning in hell.

you'll find out
(I wish you would not, but you will)

Only trannies hate women cause they will never be one

Your mythology is based on literal furry fanfics
>The legend of Asena tells of a young boy who survived a battle; a female wolf finds the injured child and nurses him back to health.
>The she-wolf, impregnated by the boy, escapes her enemies by crossing the Western Sea to a cave near the Qocho mountains and a city of the Tocharians, giving birth to ten half-wolf, half-human boys.
>Of these, Yizhi Nishidu[4] becomes their leader and establishes the Ashina clan, which ruled over the Göktürk and other Turkic nomadic empires.
Furry website

they betrayed all men in favor of big government
we are no longer a unified people. there is no man and woman. there is only the individual. they are the ultimate foot soldiers of the state


>double digit body counts by 20
>dumb as a rock
>cheats on chad

Jeez user I really don't know why

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Oh so Turks are partly animals, at the very least? Explains why they are such a failed nation and basically losers who can't do anything but be brutes. Pathetic people, will always be below Germans, especially without American help. Fuck Turks

it ain't much, but on my two years in this shithole, this was by far the lowest point

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not having sex correlates with hating women.

too much grievance studies

Ive had plenty of sex and I despise women, I still fuck them but I don't waste my life on them, they are worse than Niggers

Having your kids taken from you along with a chunk of you monthly income might also correlate

i only hate white women

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That would just explain a really small number. 98% of everyone here hates woman. The main reason is that most here are losers nobody wants to fuck. If the person has a good job but still he hates, then he probably is a anti vax stormfag that cant stfu for one minute and keeps rabbling about how the Holocaust is a lie and how hitler is such a good person on the first date. Losers and weirdos.

Only fake women

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She needs to be aborted.