They’re not doing enough

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yeah they should stop being so cucked. A lot of their politicians are compromised by fsbniggers. Probably have videos of them doing unspeakable things. Imagine your former president being on the board of gazprom kek

What about France Italy, Spain or Norway? They all have shit as well why should only Germany provide stuff while its suffering?

>the German tabloid Bild claimed that US officials allegedly sent a diplomatic note to Berlin, in which Secretary of State Antony Blinken supposedly

>“So far, Germany has done what we asked for,” a US official told Die Welt on Thursday,
Don't buy into Russian state propaganda

Why should we do anything the Americans tell us ? Are we not free ? Or are we just expected to continue bleeding for foreign people until we collapse and die?

In the meanwhile northern europe is paying for your energy policy fuck ups

Fuck you

This. Why are yuropoor still buying gas and oil from russia while not providing Ukraine with more weapons? We ordered them to ban russian fossils and give Ukraine more weapons.

this is legit fake news all of europe is waiting for amerifats ok to supply heavy weapons to ukraine. Why even bother make this article? Who is this for? Man no wonder vatniggers are losing

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Fuck Germany. You can never trust those bastards. You always have to drag them to do the Right thing. Left on their own devices they probably would be selling arms to Russia right now for some gas.

The entire world patience with America is wearing thin.

ah never mind. It's for Hauptschüler and highschool dropouts to get angry about. Makes sense.

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user bro, we know that the whole shit is crumbling. At this point there's no remedy

>they probably would be selling arms to Russia right now for some gas.
They actually are. Looks like it's time for America to kick germany's ass again.


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Go back to work. Abdul & Muhammad need free housing

Stop being niggers, Germany, or we'll hurt you faggots.

we can afford it

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Ukraine is not europe's problem, amerimutts should stop using us for their gay proxy wars

>omg omg it is so heckin cool and progressive to be paypigs for non whites who hate us
Once again, the anti-Russian shill reveals himself to be a reditor

it's all a ploy to keep you poor and me rich

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no gas, no food, groundwater running low, homeless rates/suicides/mental disorders skyrocketing, economy collapsing with many companies going bankrupt or leaving and still taking in endless refugees. I am not sure what else we could do to destroy our nation and kill off our population. Any suggestions?

>disarm germany for 75 years
>get annoyed that they are not providing military aid
i don't think the average american gives a shit

It was the US that enforced sanctions against all oil competitors to force us into extremely expensive long-term contracts with them and their vessel Azerbaijan.

Your edge disappears the moment we find out you are a white cuck who is probably afraid to look a shitskin in the eyes. No wonder you spam gore online lol

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>there people ITT right now that will unironically take this headline seriously.

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Germany also is our vassel. In fact, the whole yuropean union is our vassel. Deal with it.

LoL. Who decided this was the talking point for the day.

>fuck germany
This but unironically

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>rt bad
>kiev indipendent good
Shut up kike

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>Trump years, libs "making nato countries pay their fair share is BAAAAAAAD!"
>hidin' biden regime, libs "muh warmongering nato NEEDS MORE GIBS!"
Fuck the globohomo, fuck fatlensky, and fuck the ponzi scheme that is nato."

>why should only Germany provide stuff while its suffering?
Because you didn't kill the jews when you had the chance.

when are goymans start to kick the mutts aout of their country?

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>if you don't like MY obvious state propaganda, you HAVE TO like the other one!
>dichotomy brainlet

Your sandnigger genes are showing, Abdulazzizio.

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Damn, literal communists and anarchists have become more based than westerncuck globohomo supporters

open borders kike

I love Olaf now!!

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germany hasnt been free the second hitler died, youre literally just a vassall state of the USA that serves as Proxy Military base next to russia

The reason we're all in this mess is because you lot missed your big break. After 2/24 you could have told the Americans to fuck themselves (and gathered around you the rest of Europe on that path). Instead you cucked and now there is no energy, crippling all of Europe for the next 5 years at least. So fuck Gernany and fuck the US.

Denmark cannot supply because of covid restrictions, Iran because of US sanctions, Russia because of US sanctions, Saudi because of US sanctions and US itself artificially increased its own prices before they forced us into their expensive contracts. I am very much looking forward to the collapse of this shithole and following political shift

germans are literally even more cucked than californians which shouldn't even be fucking possible, these shits started a bunch of wars already too. when will we stop tolerating the german menace?