Can America be saved?

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No, just wipe it clean and resettle it with whites.

tough one to call






fuck it i want them all

Built for BBC

It’s a country built by the niggers for the niggers, as intended.

Theyra like 50 now

they are pretty crusty

3,4,1,2 or 4,3,1,2
I dunno, Mena Suvari was pretty bangin back then
I like her face

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No memeflag. America is long dead by now.

no, it's ogre for the colonies, western europe can still be saved but doubtful

claiming 3

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yeah she totally was.. same tastes user.
its interesting to me how many of us like the same chicks here

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haha, that's true, although I guess a part of it could be that Hollywood actually cared to have attractive chicks in their movies in order to sell tickets. Now it's just in pure societal destruction mode

not whitout war

Found the faggot

its true.. i wanna go back so bad.. sometimes i sit and remissness, we had things so good

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America was lost in the 1860's bro, its not coming back.

The bright side of having all the degen cities is most of our problems are collected up in neat little piles just waiting to be dealt with, maybe a foreign threat could lend a hand?

I'm giving this thread a bad review, where are the tits?

unfortunately its cancer is spreading rapidly into the suburbs and next generation especially with the help of social media and the internet, I'm not sure how long it will stay in the cities


This. The shit they showeling is insane. Gander BS, cancer politics, nigger art. It damages the entire world population, kids mostly.

Yes in the 90s they didn't want us to have jewess actress with khazar milkers so we got these sluts.
I mean if I have to watch jewess actresses with no hips I'd at least prefer some decent knockers but nooooo.