US Withdrawal Happening

Why do so many blame the US military for the Afghan fiasco last year? The US military is under civilian control, if the Executive tells them to leave, it's time to leave.

I'm not a Burger, or a neocon of any stripe. But the blame seems entirely misplaced. How could they 'win' the war without the political will to continue?

I think a lot of jeering is from white-nationalist types who want to believe 'ZOGbots' are laughably incompetent in order to sustain their fantasises of insurrection.

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>I’m not a Burger

so what are you little meme flag. what are you hiding

Nobody blames the military. They blame biden for delaying the planned withdrawal for PR nonsense and then fucking things up. Wignats were the ones advocating and voting for withdrawal the most by the way.

I'm British.

>I'm British.
No you'e an irrelevant memeflag.

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What is this /pol obsession with only using your geographical location? Don't you natsoc faggots believe that all countries in which whites are a majority are in fact ruled by 'ZOG' -if that's the case then all national flags are memes.

Fail. I'm white, but British has always been a civic identity.

Just show flag if you expect to be taken seriously. You've been given an answer to your question. Ask a followup or fuck off memeflag.

>Why do so many blame the US military for the Afghan fiasco last year?
For example?


So you dont know?

>be experts in your field
>"most powerful military the world has ever seen"
>"it's all the President's fault"
because they suck. Just because Biden sucks too doesn't absolve them of their responsibility. Milley should be court-martialed and executed for being a traitor.

why dont you take responsibility for your country? we all know you were part of the coalition forces. Either way, there was never any way they were going to defend their own country, so we had to bail to get ready for Ukraine


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> 20 years having gay sex with jews and wasting money while achieving nothing
> government runs out of gibs and pulls the plug

>British has always been a civic identity.

Fail. Fuck off home.

>The US military is under civilian control, if the Executive tells them to leave, it's time to leave.

Civilians have no control of the military. What are you on about? They're fucking zogbots controlled by the government. If civilians controlled them, the military would have cleaned Washington DC of the corrupt filth by going door to door the way they clear the homes of poor middle easterners.

>believe 'ZOGbots' are laughably incompetent

They are. It's literally full of faggots, niggers, and trannies now. The only people who sign their kids up to join the military are brainwashed normies and poor white trash who need to offload their kids onto what is essentially a government welfare program. The niggers and spics then followed in this behavior. The people who would make the "best" and loyal soldiers are smart enough to realize America is a dying empire not worth fighting for.

>Yeah bro just end up as a maimed cripple without legs for Israel and end up homeless treated like shit because Muttmerica cares more about pandering to niggers, faggots, and trannies.

Double fail. English/Scottish/Welsh/Irish are ethnic identities. British is was and will always be civic.

Where is your ethno-state then?

There are proper military ways of conducting a withdrawal of troops, then there's the American way, a complete clusterfuck that had the militants seizing everything and the Afghan military that billions was spent on completely collapsing leading to a mad scramble of people trying to get out with their lives.

Biden admin literally fucked it up.. But it's no different than leaving siagon, hard to just give up a war zone. As a military that can royally fuck up the entire country, I mean you have the ability to literally glass the region with no opposition, it's not good PR to glass and leave. We aren't the god damn covenant. I believe it'd had been a better transition to leave under Trump, but Biden didn't give a single fuck about the optics as long as most of "them," got out of there. Obama did the same damn thing during benghazi, just sacrificed a unit instead of an entire task force.

>US military is under civilian control, i
do the civilians or military have the guns, i forgot

How can America claim to be for freedom and self determination when it is subjugating another people with military force for the exploitation of their natural resources?
A leader innovates and creates with his superior people a way to remain relevant by using their creative and visionary pursuits, not by stealing and destroying the competition with violence.
Violence is what niggers use I don't think the current administration wanted to look like niggers on the international stage.
It was good to withdraw, if you do not see how this you're blind.
The reason America is dominant is its message of freedom and liberty, she cannot be contradicting herself by plundering by force another people, especially since we now know 911 was an inside job.

thats why trump did it faggot. if trump had never been president and forced the withdrawal our kikes would still have our military there charging us taxpayers $50,000 per portapotty for each US base

The way you withdraw troops is the same as you would withdraw a squad from combat, you have to cover their withdrawal. The British would have sent a taskforce to complete the withdrawal, not fuckhead Biden, it was another Saigon scramble.

Cause America is a shit hole. It wants to push its holier than thou bullshit off on other countries while things fall apart at home. Our dumbass mutts should've never been there in the first place. Don't care. Get out and don't go back. Put military on the streets to deal with criminals and illegals.