Everyone forgets the memory hole

Old fag maybe posted 1 or 3 times. Codex Alimentarius and nature exclusion zones. Carbon tax and national forests. Eminent domain. Gonna have to stir this pot myself it seems, stew is served boys. Let's discuss its delicacies!

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Here to provide what answers and directions I can until the beer runs out

I remember the user from Cali area talking about the warehouses outside the defunct train station being taken over by glownigger contractors.
He worked at a real-estate agency that owned the worthless lot
At the time we speculated it was FEMA camps

If even 2 or 3 people see this that's a good start. I finally figured out how to post with a picture but still can't figure out how to reply to this asshole above me.

You on phone or PC?, just click the post no.

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No worries.
Is this to do with what you're talking about?

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How about a quick run down on what this is all about.

Yes, also related to carbon credits. Indexation and privileged privation of 'luxuries' such as hunting, fishing, meats, wild game, private gardens, free water capture. Think deer or bird tags for hunting, but now it's 20fucking23 almost and of course there's chips and tracking and cataloging and land barons and nonprofit nature conservatorys stewarded by one in the same. There's a reason gold and silver mining were intentionally crashed in the U.S., same as keeping domestic oil exploration and supply low. They are drinking everyone else's milkshake while they buy and sell our reserves. Everything comes to an end, only a few see the beginning.

posting in this bread with some bs symbolism is not going to save you.

Bugs son, there's a bugs coming for your meat and your land.

I know what I know and I remember those threads I mentioned. If you don't then it's your own problem and I don't care if you think I derailed this thread of yours

Everyone remembers FEMA coffins FFS, the point of this post was not that at all

I don't need saving

Is that what your hunting licences are for, or do you have to buy tags separately?

It's not about FEMA. It's one of the main solutions we considered. However it could have been concentration camps for the future as well.

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Commodification of nature. They're bringing capitalization to communal land (state run reserves)
In essence the plan is to privatize national parks via these NGOs and restrict entrance through carbon credits. Donors obviously don't have to pay in credits, they have actual money
A lefty environmentalist user explained it to me once very well regarding the difference between conservationalism and modern climate activism.
It's all about monetizing communal land. Modern day enclosures (historically relevant in the UK)

It doesn't look good
Glow niggers messing with food supplies

It's testing the viability of a potential shortage. They're studying the reactions of the free market (unaffiliated individuals and firms) to these shortages

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