Why are white people so racist?

Why are white people so racist?

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>calling the police on black people
so just allow them to commit crimes against you and be cool with it?

Why it got awards when it's not an iceberg, but like a pyramid hierarchy.

Thanks for all of the ideas, faggot.
I'll make sure to use as many as possible.

Good, make the rest acceptable as well.

How high up there are you frens? I gotta say I didn't cross the white line to reach the top yet


Whatever crimes you do, keep your mouth shut. Nobody needs to know.


No thats racist.

aw shit it's my achievement list

Beacuse i hate niggers

The only question is, how could lynching be unlocked?

im extremely racist

Stopped reading after lynching. Lynching was just lawless punishment in a time when the police force wasn't as organized as it is today. Plenty of whites were lynched for various things. Reddit should try reading a book sometime.

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>Denial of Racism = Covert Racist
>Believing we are “Post-Racial” = Covert Racist
If we are damned if we do damned if we don’t, why not be overtly racist?

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Because 50 spics came to our neighborhood. You understand.

>Silence is racism
>Not letting bipoc talk is racism
>Not knowing is racism
>Asking bipoc to explain is racism
I have accepted that I am one and my life just got better.

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Wokeness = victimhood. If every woke BIPOC nigger would be given one million dollars, legal immunity and a PhD and be made a knight, they would just find other stuff to perpetuate their victimhood.
The only way to deal with these fuckers is to make them experience so much terror that they fall on their knees and begin to cry in fear everytime they see a white person.

I ain't gonna read all this shit nigga

>higher infant and maternal mortality rate for bipoc
hows that white people fault?