To all the German Citizens

Stock up on Food
>Spaghetti, Rice, Flour, Linsen-- Tunfischdosen--
>Nüsse, Mandeln---
Stock up on water, yes, water
>Get those huge 30L water Canisters
Get a Gas Stove.
For the love of Christ, my brothers, go empty out the propane Gaskatuschen from the markets and get a GasKocher, now.
>How to heat up during the blackouts
Candles in combination with Blumentopf. Make some holes in it, put candles below and there you go. A decent heat source.
You will have to defend yourself somehow. Either get Massive knives and sharpen them until they become Swords, or... Tschechien (can't go into detail).
Toilet paper etc.
Get as much as possible.
>Plastic bags
The big ones. You will understand why, soon.

I will start today. It will take me 3 days to gather everything. Godspeed to all of you.
Remember, even if I am a schizo, it's better to have excessive food and water than risking of being hungry and cold. You won't be wasting those 750€-1000€
Better safe than sorry

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are you doomposting because you hate that others arent as miserable and paranoid as you are or are you just a vatnik?

don't care, let it all burn

This you?

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>or... Tschechien (can't go into detail).
Yes you can

I like how you're not even at war and your country is collapsing.

What happens when WW3 actually kicks off?

I hate how we in the northern europe have to pay for german fuck ups. Fuck you german retards, vote better

How will it save you from the niggers you important? You know they will start raping and pillaging and your cuck police will arrest you from defending yourselves while they do nothing about them

germany already collapsed in 1945, not a single german with more than 2 brain cells cares about the modern jewish colony of germoney

A finn tells Germans to "vote better"...
You miserably dumb fuck. Enjoy dying for Ukraine once your party girl leader gets the go-ahead from her WEF handlers.

>not even at war
Ecomomic wars have always been the precursor for bloodshed.
Austria's trade impositions on Serbia led to WWI, the US depriving Japan of oil and scrap metal led to Pearl Harbor. It's always an economic war that starts these things off - not calling it a real war is like pretending foreplay isn't a part of sexual intercourse.

Well said.

Just an idea, I haven't done this yet, but it would be probably better if you'd take your money out of the bank. Not all of it, but, in case of a long term blackout, you obviously won't be able to get your money out of the bank. Plus, there's zero reason to trust the banks. They could freeze your account at any moment, like they did in Canada.

Can’t loose any if I have nothing

You forgot the first and most important rule:
>get the fuck out of cities

Only shills say "vatnik".

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Been thinking about this as well. From a purely technical perspective, no ATM (aka bankomat) will work during a blackout, but at the same time, no supermarkets will open then either. So even if you have cash, you won't have anywhere to spend it, except maybe some outliers like bakeries that run on a wood-fueled stove.
One-two hundred Euro in cash seem like a smart cushion for emergencies, but I honestly can't think of much you'd be able to spend it on. Not like people would trade anything essential once the power is out.

Well first of all nobody elected her, person who was elected stepped down.
Second only problem we have is electricity bill, because you know we are selling that shit to Germany.

The gas crisis is manufactured, natural gas are simple hydrocarbons, you can create them from waste water, from garbage, from enzymatic breakdown of natural polymers.

The high prices that Europeans are paying for gas is done so to create a manufactured crisis in order to justify giving up sovereignty.
Why don't Europeans just source their gas from other places instead and use price controls over the "Free market".

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The only why shitskins are alive is thanks to the modern economy. Once the modern economy collapses, shitskins will either return to their shitholes or get killed.
Hurry it up.

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It's all manufactured this is the new corona scare, but this time it's climate fear porn. In the end it's all about controlling our resources. Go to a politician house if you want a warm bath

cope vatnik

>only problem we have is electricity bill
Let's be real, just her politics alone will make you cuck towards NATO, and if you paid any attention to all the false flag warcrimes Russia is supposedly commiting, that means you'll be, by law, compelled to participate in this shitshow soon enough (because NATO membership demands it).
So, just like Germany, your people will go to work every day to pay for a war that only benefits the US.
All while the dumb cunt is poised to ruin more economic sectors in all of Europe. Now it's tourism, but god knows what she'll push next.
You already got 50k niggers migrating to your cold wastelands yearly, and it's only going to get worse once the famines in Africa mobilize the next massive wave. All while Germany necessarily steps down as the major net contributor of the EU, which will render the Euro worthless and all of us smaller contributors are left with the massive debts of the southern countries.
The electritcity bills are just the beginning. They already cause all the companies with some reserves to move to Turkey or the US. Just ask yourself what'll be left, if you have no tax-paying producers, a massive braindrain to countries where making shit isn't prohibitively expensive and an army of invaders who want gibs. We all have bigger problems than our energy bills waiting at the doorstep.


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based. I got a flobert revolver when I was 15 from (it's like people's marketplace here) kek

You know in cartoon fights when they fall through the floor, then another floor, then another floor, for comic effect?

That is the UK and Germany for the next ~12 years