War webms/videos thread

war webms/videos thread


post war webms/videos

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>hey guys webm thread
>heres my jpg and mp4

what the hell is wrong with you poeple

post vid or stfu, the hell is wrong with burger

i dont have any videos.

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Does a race war count?

no wonder this war is taking so fucking long, lol

Why you say that?

dropping crappy little bombs on 1 guy

What defines war?

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What do you expect mate! Fucking retarded war

Would have been the lamest mass shooting ever if it weren't for this kino

They're meant to maim. Maiming them and sending them back to vodkaland is worse for the Russian war effort. If you kill the,. the Russians rarely bother taking home their dead.

The video that turned the entirety of the war around in favor of Ukraine.
You all know it is true.

Who’s that ??

I know but 1 guy? seems really inefficient.

What was this from?

that was during the Christchurch shooting. it was as he was coming back outside and for some reason that lady was there with her shoes on the curb

No this is a different one from Germany.

They also need to make you poor in the process

Why I haven’t heard this fat bitch death? Imagine your death is overshadowed by the invaders

Did he get shot in the back at the end?!

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Look at the license plates...no.

oh shit you're right. I cant believe I flubbed that