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Does your mind ever tell you to drink bleach?


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we need to organize gladiator fights for all sissy's simps. the last man standing wins sissy.

every day

Have you ever realized how small Any Forums really is, there aren't huge separated communities it's like the same group of people across boards. I don't know I just expected more

I ate my poop this morning now I'm craving to find out what another guy's poop tastes like. Am I really going to have to become a public bathroom hunter?

Not if she's a bottom lol

So all the 80s iconic brat pack films which have been considered gay culture since before you were born are now cringe?


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I wrote a post and the thread changed. I'm gonna cry.
Disgusting, I don't need to know about your bowel movements. Also genshin impact characters are so cute but I hate gacha games. The closest thing I have done to playing it is downloading outfit mods for skyrim and stardew valley.

Where is delta so that he can be racist and misogynistic when you need him?

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What made you realize that?

Prostitution was more or less tolerated until the 16th century. Then the Spanish brought syphilis to the Old World from fucking indians. Only then the notion on how it's evil and bad became mainstream.
Fucking Spain ruining nice things for everyone.

>genshin impact characters are so cute but I hate gacha games
I don't have venti, i like diluc, tartaglia, albedo, kazuha, gorou, aka less fem characters

Wow Samael posting best genshin character, good job brown person

imagine my shock when sam likes the underage looking anime boys

Sam is an underage looking anime boy herself user

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You don't have him because you haven't rolled him? I would play if I could get him guaranteed . But I know I would have to waste money and maybe I woudlnt even get him.

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Sam is the chameleon predator, the scariest and luckiest of them all

You can get him as a free to play without spending money, just wait till he gets his own banner every couple months. What people actually "pay" for is getting the same character multiple times, which makes them more and more powerful. Some characters are pretty OP by themself, with the right artifacts and skills built up, which dont require spending money

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My schizophrenia. No but really just low stats, that combined with the fact most people use multiple boards and if you're a poster you typically post multiple comments not just one, means it's a tiny community of posters 4stats.io/

Omg I just found out about Alex Jones new book the great reset and the war for the world should i buy it? I've never read an Alex Jones book...

yeah buy his snake oil testosterone supplements too

Yeah but also remember that there are 5x’s as many people just lurking and reading.


>mom dresses me

Venti banner is next patch I have 4 multis and am ready to pray

Wish I had a friend that played genshi impact. I had a friend that played a naruto gacha and he told me when karin uzumaki had a banner and I got her.

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Yeah that is true there are always way more people lurking. It's still a bit disappointing when you want to read some fresh perspectives but keep running into the same people.
Like oh yep that's Barry posting his avatar and freaking out about the same thing again. Begins feeling like a small gated schizo community lol

Oh that's usefull. When is it coming? I should play the game.

Was it ultimate ninja blazing? I used to love it but moved to dokkan since it's dead

you can easily meet someone who plays it by looking up people in the sex offender registry

>all the 80s iconic brat pack films which have been considered gay culture since before you were born
Geez, you really ARE a gay maester

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Probably but much of its likely stuff you already know.

i can close my eyes and imagine the buttons in the top left image bursting to reveal a throbbing monster

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yeah im sure sissy already believes sandy hook was staged with paid actors

Sam are you gonna play overwatch 2

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Does gaygen like a white collar bf or a blue collar bf

Yes. I even logged in so that I could get the new nipon ninja hero.

Yes. I say I don't like gachas but I wasted 15 dollars unlocking a chatcater in a gacha game that died. Sad. She was so cool tho. Nun with magnums and demon horns? Worth it.

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Lil Nas X is the president of League now :/


I hate collars

Are you playing on PS4?

Mind says white, but heart and dick say blue

While I doubt its true, his peculiar take on Sandyhook does not obfuscate the fact that the parents allowed a group of lawyers to organize them and seek MONEY off the corpses of their dead children, not from anyone actually responsible, but some talking head for bringing attention to the fact that one of them was laughing and smiling the day of the shooting.

That its likely a bullshit sensationalist claim doesnt clean the shit off people working lawyers for money off corpses.