t. FTM

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Now do the hsts/aap one

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Yellow is “partly true”

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Idk about the middle square

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t. rogd cis man on hrt

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>imagining your dick getting cut off made it hard
Based! I don’t know why I have that fetish as an ftm

Masturbatin to written stories makes you a fag??
How does that even make sense

yeah, weird... I think I had it cause some doctor fiddled around with it in ways I didn't like when I was 5 lmao

Note, lost to the dick is hypothetical, since i've never been fucked by anyone. But like in my daydreams its like. Yeah.

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i dont want to be mean but this just feels like not self aware vs self aware.

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so much overlap itt, really makes u think

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Replaced female with male and vice versa. AAP bingo.

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t. boymodah

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Men get off on visual stuff, women get off on written things and stories
That’s why women read erotic and (more) men watch porn. Since taking T I jerk off more to drawings and porn than to written stuff

t.non dysphoric gay top on e

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Those who get off to the psychological aspect of sex, to a specific dynamic, to unresolved sexual tension tend to get off on written stuff because you can't express that shit in regular porn.
It just so happens most women prefer stories.

>identifies as a lesbian trans man
i've never even heard of such manmade horrors


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It’s a big thing with the old school dykes who took testosterone to be with their fem gfs. Some trans guys still do it as a cope.

I'm a pure hsts.
Girls knew in grade school I was like a girl and didn't have a crush in me or ever want to kiss me those questions reflect your strong hetero presumptions.
Also, all trans wish they were girls at age 4 or 5, don't want to be like father, so those aren't agp exclusive questions!

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