Why are there no hetero trans women? I’ve met two in my life, why are they so rare?

Why are there no hetero trans women? I’ve met two in my life, why are they so rare?

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What is a hetero trans woman

every troon i've known were into men, even the one calling themselves transbian

if you're talking about tranners that like men then its because they dont feel the need to screech about it like t*ansbians do.

Because you only talk to people online
It is impossible to not get a trans girl's number from a munch if you're not a complete sperg
Bring snacks and you can kiss your pelvis goodbye

do I count as hetero if I'm only into men but am in a relationship with another tranny who's also only into men for the shared experience and better understanding of dysphoria and emotional availability?

so basically you're together as a cope for not finding dudes, that's pretty common

I always called myself bi but HRT is making me hetero

not really I love her a lot but most guys kinda suck about dysphoria and shit and she's much more understanding, and there's just something special about both growing up as guys and then trooning out together in your 20s

You think this is bad? This clownery? They've done worse. Those incels! Are you telling me an entire subset of the population just happens to troon out like that? No! They orchestrated it! It was them! It was the eternal Jew. They empowered predators! And I supported them. I shouldn't have! Took them into my own liberal belief system! What was I thinking? They'll never change. They'll never change! Ever since 9/11, always the same! Couldn't keep their hands off the children! But not our Jews! Couldn't be our precious Jews! Groping them dead! And they get to be liberals? What a sick joke!

becasue gay is hot, I love hugging guys, feeling their chest and rubbing my soft weak pp against his strong manly cock and having gay same sex sex, you cant get that with gross vagina havers, I just love cock okay

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My wife left me becuase this is what i wanted in life. Now i finally get to rub up against big, strong men as much as i want. My little dick against their much bigger ones is amazing. I love cock so damn much.

Fuck you mean your wife left you. Nigger, your entire sexual orientation packed up and left your fucking wife. Fuck you doing blaming her.

good riddance, idk how you can stand a bleeding leaking yeast hole, I could never be with any afab never wanted to either, boys......

im literally right here so that makes three nerd

Literally every tranny is bi. If a tranny says they're monosexual, they're either lying or they're faketrans.

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Im not blaming her. She refused to peg me. Refused to even put a finger in me. I made my decision and she left.

I lost all interest in women when i was fucked by my first guy. I can never go back. I fucking love cock.

Do you guys even have sex?

>I lost all interest in women when i was fucked by my first guy
at least you realized it eventually

I love men and penises

I tried to be fine with pegging but i need the real thing. Nothing can compare to a big cock that shoots ropes.