I'm convinced hrt is fake and that the timelines are all faked...

I'm convinced hrt is fake and that the timelines are all faked. The transition timelines end at the second picture always and then people put fake photos either of young femboys or women on the ends to give people false hope for laughs.

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That just looks like FFS. Nostrils are the same shape, eyebrows are the same, eyes are the same colour

lots (most) timelines dont tell you everything they did. some are lucky, others good at makeup and angles, some just had major ffs success

this was almost major repfuel to me bc so many online trannies turned out to be getting ffs, something im unlikely to have access to (im poor in a country where ffs is not even offered so id just have to save up and travel, very unlikely, cant even e-beg legally)

Are you faceblind? 2 and 3 are clearly the same person, she got FFS and got better at taking selfies (most likely changed her phone). The 4th pic looks different because it's a mirror seflie.

Hrt cand ffs changes everything
It's fake it's not real

I find it easier to believe phycos and sadist would intentionally spend hours of their life finding photos of people that match well enough to not be discernable than to think hard actually works past creating hons.

And even if they are not faked remember that these people are spending tens of thousands to make themselves look better. It's not even just a matter of being trans. They're closer to the plastic surgery people.

Timelines are fake in the sense that images don't reflect real life. Just because you pass in pictures doesn't mean you pass IRL. If you told me these pictures were taken on the same day, I wouldn't be surprised at all. People look dramatically different depending on how the picture is taken.

They always still look like a guy in the end, all they do is just learn how to use makeup better like cosplayers, it's not the injection doing it as you can see the common signs of makeup because they hide all the marks ans details humans have on their face, male or female.

No it's simply HRT and maybe a nose job

it's not ffs if you don't fix your fucking square testicle chin lol

This the cost is insane and unachievable for most. It's insane to think people are plasticing themselves to look like the opposite sex. Regardless the chances they pass if you sw them on a street corner are low.

And that dent in the chin?..

if hrt was fake I wouldn't have grown double d boobs and thicc hips/thights

if it affects face at all I'm unsure though, it seems to do something on eyes and of course making your skin better (which HRT does) makes your face more fem, but that seems to be it

I don't think that anyone is saying that it is completely null. But it is not magic and for the most people they don't get the results they desire and then get hugboxed and gaslighted into thinking that they're doing great but once they turn their back they are being made fun of as hons.

Yeah trannies aren't even real bro
Trust me
You should cover your door handles in foil
The voices are in the walls

It's terrible and people overestimate how effective hrt actually is. In reality it rarley does what anyone expects.

It's very effective for people younger than 20 and quite effective for people younger than 30, but like I said it seems to only radically affect body

people make mistake it does something about face, but in reality it doesn't do much anything, if you have bad face you need FFS (and even then it may not help)

Theres this one HRT Femboy i saw post a timeline of how they've changed over the year and its fucking magic. They go from a 25 year old looking chad to a 18 year old looking submissive femboy in under a year. They got lucky genetics wise.

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So hrt makes hons with nice bodies then.

Refuse to believe that, HRT can't change facial bone structure

unless you mean he still looks like chad, but young chad twink (completely possible)

then again he could have had ffs (which may make even chad very feminized if aggressive and they have small skull)

Lots of people don't spend much time outside so they just think that long hair and no facial hair equals young. Even AI is very good at recognizing peoples age just from the facial shapes.

You get it, most (young) trans people have good bodies, but bad faces. It's why FFS is most sought after trans surgery and not bbl or breast augmentation.

Though if you transition late (HRT effects diminish with age naturally) or simply train too much (ie. be gymbro) your body is likely permafucked too. Same getting very fat (pre-hrt, on HRT it can be good if you want chubby/mommy look with big boobs), but this is reversible.

Nah his bone structure seems to be more on the feminine side by nature and his beard made it look more manly, so when he lost that and had some facial fat changes on HRT he looked completely different.

Dunno if he had FFS or something but he looks younger and not just in a no beard + long hair sense, maybe its the happiness in his eyes. Imma try and find the timeline, saved it somewhere..

What about ex gym bros? I was a gym bro a few years back.

imagine the man on the left buying the femboy choker 3rd pic is wearing